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  1. Help me, I will never do it please

    @andreadb98, @DucK, @IAV4K What Do You Guys Think? Looks Like WH To Me.
  2. in justo

    @RoGeR007 READ THESE ....
  3. Synchronization

    @Seder No tienes que crear una nueva cuenta. simplemente haga clic en el gran botón rojo en la página que dice "OBTENER FPS FOV" y listo.
  4. DW

    how did you miss this going down???
  5. Final Poll for the keepers

    Aye, But All Maps Better Be HC ... Or You Will Be My Dinner.
  6. Soy Celso y quiero subir de Rango

    Requisitos: Debes tener al menos 16 años para ser reclutado Debes presentarte en la sección de introducción Deberías haber escrito al menos 15 publicaciones (no seguidas) Tendrás más de 14 días de presencia en nuestro foro No preguntes para convertirte en administrador
  7. DW Servers under attack

    i think we're getting close to finding out what's causing the crash, but we'll see. in the meantime get a chair i'll show you my ninja moves.
  8. Sperman WH

    @MONGCHAW If You Can Then Yeah. It's Totally Up To You Because It's Your Ban Request.
  9. Sperman WH

    @MONGCHAW i Watched The Demo And i Don't Think It's Wall Hack, But As Others Said We Don't Accept Demos So You Need To Give Us The Evidence In Form Of Videos Or Images.
  10. How to put skins on weapons

    i Can't Tell You What To Do. It Won't Matter Even If You Leave Them In There. But Keep The Ones That Work And Remove The Rest i Guess.
  11. How to put skins on weapons

    @Andri It Doesn't Matter, Just Go To Your COD4:MW Directory And You'll Find Those Files In Folder Called "Main". Try Removing The Camo From Your Gun And See If That Does Anything. Edit: i Tried Some For Snipers But None Worked. Maybe @andreadb98 Can Help You, i Don't Fully Understand How This Works. Sorry.
  12. How to put skins on weapons

    @Andri i'm using these 2 skins and both work fine. 1- MP5= 2- AK47=
  13. How to put skins on weapons

    @Andri 1- Don't worry about that. 2- try this one it gets boring after awhile, but is the easiest to install.
  14. How to put skins on weapons

    geez, i didn't even read your message properly. you must have those files. look in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Call of Duty 4\Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare\Contents\Callof Duty 4 Data\Main if you have steam version of the game.
  15. It's me...))

    Ah It's You? Welcome To The Forum
  16. How to put skins on weapons

    You Can Open Those Files With Winrar Or Any Other Program Of This Kind.
  17. How to put skins on weapons

    @Andri Watch This Video By @andreadb98
  18. Hellu Forums!

  19. Help me 7a5182e4

    @Wark Check Your GUID Again. No Bans On This One. It' Not Even Active.
  20. DW merry christmas!!

    @Marciano. Why Is This Topic In "Join Our Clan>Accepted Application"??? Moved to General Discussion
  21. Make snd better!

    Stop Spamming.
  22. im back

    Welcome Back & Congrats

    Right So Those Guns And Perks Re For Noobs? That Makes You a Pro? If You Are a Pro Noobs Shouldn't Be a Problem. They Are No Match Fo You.
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