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  1. call of duty 4 maifa

    @maifa Please Read these Topics First.
  2. call of duty 4 BAN APPEAL

    @GARY Please Try Again You're Not Banned. @GOODNIGHT Please Follow Proper Warning Rulings. !w Playername Rule8 !w Playername Rule9 Etc ....
  3. call of duty 4 DW = please read my appeal

    @parsa Please, Read These Topics.
  4. Music Arena

    Right, It's Been a While Since a Created Any Topic So let's See If i Still Remember How To Do It. Okay, Share Your Favorite Youtube MUSIC Videos Here ... Rules: 1> Videos Must Be Family Friendly (No Nudity Etc) 2> You Can Only Post MUSIC Videos Here (Any Language) 3> If The Video Is Not Family Friendly OR Is Not a MUSIC Video It Will Be Removed. BOO ...
  5. call of duty 4 Ban appeal

    @Randil Tharusha We Don't Support Cracked Key So You're Gonna Have To Wait For Your Temp Ban To Expire. Duration Of a Temp Ban Is 1Day/24Hours. Closed.
  6. call of duty 4 kicked

    PLEASE, Read These Topics FIRST. Thank You!
  7. call of duty 4 kicked all servers

    @sebasz Please Try Again The Problem Should Be Fixed Now.
  8. call of duty 4 Ban Appeal...

    @Mr.NiKolay You, Sir, Are NOT Banned, Please Try Again & Let Us Know If The Problem Is Fixed.
  9. call of duty 4 Cristian-Xp

    @Cristian-XP First You Gave Us a Wrong GUID. Second You're Not Banned so Please Try Again.
  10. call of duty 4 [lv]kicker

    @[LV]KicKer You're Not Banned. Try Again Please.
  11. Fps!!

    Ah ... Well, In That Case, You Gotta Click This Button Shown In The Image Below [GET FPS & FOV]
  12. call of duty 4 ban appeal

    @-F4H-SiL3nT What is this suppose to be? Are you banned? Read these topics, please
  13. call of duty 4 I am BAN

    @Soap Can you please re-check your GUID? this one is not returning any results. Your in-game name returns some clients but none of them have this GUID.
  14. call of duty 4 Cristian-Xp

    @Cristian-XP i can't find your client by GUID. what's your in-game name?
  15. Fps!!

    It gives you an error of some sort or what? you gotta give us more info than that
  16. Music Arena

  17. Problem .

    Yes i Read Your Post Give Me Your GUID Please, Maybe Your B3 Level Got Reset Or Something.
  18. Problem .

    Can You See The Get FPS FOV button? press that? Or Give us Your GUID here
  19. Music Arena

    Let Me Begin With This
  20. ban appeal

    @silent warrior Make a Ban Appeal Here>> And Read These Topics First >>> 1>>> 2>>>>
  21. call of duty 4 ban appeal

    @naveen Please Read These Topics And Post The Required Information BELOW (no need to create a new ban appeal) 1>>> 2>>>
  22. Fov Settings

    There Should Be a RED Button On THE RIGHT HAND SIDE Of The Forum's MAIN Page You Need To Press That
  23. Fov Settings

    What? you can't see the picture?
  24. Fov Settings

    @Mono Press The Button Shown In This Image, Please. After That You Can Use !FOV & !FPS In-Game
  25. call of duty 4 Ban Sebasz

    @sebasz You're Not Banned. Please, Try Again.