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  1. Ninja

    Music Arena

    Right, It's Been a While Since a Created Any Topic So let's See If i Still Remember How To Do It. Okay, Share Your Favorite Youtube MUSIC Videos Here ... Rules: 1> Videos Must Be Family Friendly (No Nudity Etc) 2> You Can Only Post MUSIC Videos Here (Any Language) 3> If The Video Is Not Family Friendly OR Is Not a MUSIC Video It Will Be Removed. BOO ...
  2. Ninja


    After Thorugh Discussion With Other Head Admins In Private, We've Decided To Not Only Remove His Level 40 (Rookie Admin), But Also Kick Fauji From The Clan Due To His Abusive Behaviour/Lack Of Respect Toward Other Admins And In General. We Agreed That This Was Not Admin Abuse, Exe Followed The Rules And The Warnings & The Ban Was Justified. We Carefully Looked At The Provided Evidence And Made This Decision.
  3. Ninja

    Music Arena

  4. Ninja

    lol sooo close

    Rule #10: Purposefully exploiting ingame mechanics
  5. Ninja

    Competitive Team *maybe clickbait

    Why Do You People Drag Me Into Everything, Eh?
  6. Ninja

    Joining our clan

    Moved To Gen... Discussion.
  7. Ninja


    Welcome to the forum
  8. Ninja

    Crossfire Night

    @{GR}Greek Team B3 Is Not Enabled In Crossfire Night Server So You Can't Notice. B3 Will Be Enabled When Kevin Is Free.
  9. Ninja


    You Can Use Bandicam. https://www.bandicam.com/
  10. Ninja


    @KashanRaider Hey, We Do Our Best to Keep The Servers Clean Of Hackers, But We Too Need To Take Care Of Our Daily Life n Bussines Becuase Of That We Can't Be Online All The Time. If There Are No Admins Online In-game At The Moment You Can Come To The Forum And Type In the Shout Box Or Record The Hacker And Make a Ban Request In The Ban Requests Section. Let Us Know If You Need More Help.
  11. Ninja


    Ah ... Well, In That Case, You Gotta Click This Button Shown In The Image Below [GET FPS & FOV]
  12. Ninja


    It gives you an error of some sort or what? you gotta give us more info than that
  13. Ninja

    Music Arena

  14. Ninja

    Problem .

    Yes i Read Your Post Give Me Your GUID Please, Maybe Your B3 Level Got Reset Or Something.
  15. Ninja

    Problem .

    Can You See The Get FPS FOV button? press that? Or Give us Your GUID here
  16. Ninja

    Music Arena

    Let Me Begin With This
  17. Ninja

    ban appeal

    @silent warrior Make a Ban Appeal Here>> http://dwarea.com/forum/31-ban-appeals/ And Read These Topics First >>> 1>>> 2>>>>
  18. Ninja

    Fov Settings

    There Should Be a RED Button On THE RIGHT HAND SIDE Of The Forum's MAIN Page You Need To Press That
  19. Ninja

    Fov Settings

    What? you can't see the picture?
  20. Ninja

    Fov Settings

    @Mono Press The Button Shown In This Image, Please. After That You Can Use !FOV & !FPS In-Game
  21. Ninja

    Introduction- Reaper

    Welcome To The Forum.
  22. Ninja

    Introduction - Trauma

    Welcome To The Forum ...
  23. Ninja


    @piko Kevin Wants To Wait For More Players In That Game Before He Opens Servers For Battalion1944. When He Does I'm Sure He'll Make a Topic Here On The Forum In Comunity News Sub-Forum.
  24. Ninja


    @Scopecobra Can You At Least Tell Us How Or Why You Think It Is Bugged So We Know What We're Looking For?
  25. Boo ...