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  1. ban appeal

    @|DoraemoN| You're Not Banned. Try Again.
  2. softcore snd

    We Don't Have a Softcore SnD Server ... THiS Is a List Of Our Servers ...
  3. Badges

    These Look Very @IAV4K ^^ And Yes i Would Like a Custom Badge With My Name JK
  4. Zombie Server (upgrade)

    i Think Kevin Is Already Working On a Zombie Mod. Aye.
  5. New Maps in SND

    If I'm Not Mistaken The Maps That You Mentioned Are In Version 1.7 Of Cod4 So It's Not Possible.
  6. movies

    I'm Interested To Know Your Favorite Movies, @bnjn
  7. movies

    I'm a Sucker For Chinese And Japanese Action/Comedy/Adventure Movies. Dragon Blade, Wu Xia And Zatoichi Are Some Of My Favorite Titles.
  8. my intro <3

    Hey, Welcome To The Forum.
  9. Crazy Suggestion!!

    Don't Think It Can Be Done Without Modding. You Should Try Our Rifles Server. /connect
  10. My name jeff

    You Already Introduced Yourself. This Kind Of Topics You Should Post In General Discussion. Moved.
  11. Some server suggestions :D

    1- At The End Of The Map You Should Just Wait Anyway. Wait Time Is Only 24 Seconds (i Think) 2- Something Like killstreak i guess, Aye 3- Kick Him Then Double Ban Him Because Why The Hell Not
  12. Mythical intro

    Hey, Welcome To The Forum.
  13. UsmanMAni

    Welcome to the forum
  14. PIZZA

    Hey, Welcome to The Forum
  15. POSTS

    you can't spam posts you also need 14 days of presence on our forum