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  1. Ninja

    call of duty 4 Ban

    @Thanatos Please Read these topics and Edit your post. thank you. 1: 2:
  2. Ninja

    call of duty 4 Ban Appeal

    @the7thson First Of All, You're Using a Cracked Key which we don't support secondly i don't see any bans on your client so i suggest you try again in 24 hours or whenever you can. Tempban is usually 1hour-1Day long. I'll leave this Topic open for 20 hours if you're still banned then let us know here. Plus if you're using a Proxy (VPN) you need to turn that off.
  3. Ninja

    call of duty 4 remove banned

    i Checked Both Of Ems Chat Logs n It Looks Like The Ban Was Justified, But Since Dons Asked For Explanation Lets Hear It
  4. Ninja

    call of duty 4 RULE NO 8 ERROR

    @DEV fill in required fields.
  5. Ninja

    call of duty 4 whay i was banned ?

    @abed You need to fill in the required fields.
  6. Ninja

    call of duty 4 Why I cant Join?

    No Nee to Make a New One. Just Give Us Your B3 Or GUID Here.
  7. Ninja

    .dds plugins

    Plugins Are Placed In Adobe>>Plugin>>>Fileformats ... Go To This Website And Look For What You Need Or Google For More. https://www.adobeexchange.com/creativecloud.photoshop.html#product
  8. Ninja

    .dds plugins

    The Nvidia DDS plugin only works for versions up to Photoshop CS6 ... Try This >>>> https://goo.gl/sb41rT ...
  9. Ninja

    call of duty 4 Why I cant Join?

    @wawadiu Read These Topics Please ...
  10. Ninja

    call of duty 4 BAN APPEAL

    @eXe http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=1092 http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=110
  11. Ninja

    call of duty 4 Ban Appeal

    But i didn't do it... The Russians did it
  12. Ninja

    call of duty 4 le Appels

    @eXe http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=81753 ...
  13. Ninja

    Thank 's,

    Welcome To The Forum And Happy Gaming
  14. In-Game name when banned: Boobs Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): 26627 Server: boobs Ban Length/Time Remaining: Boobs Why should you be unbanned: Because i love Boobs
  15. Ninja


    Welcome to the forum. First type !register and then type !stats to see your stats.