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  1. Ninja

    .dds plugins

    Plugins Are Placed In Adobe>>Plugin>>>Fileformats ... Go To This Website And Look For What You Need Or Google For More. https://www.adobeexchange.com/creativecloud.photoshop.html#product
  2. Ninja

    .dds plugins

    The Nvidia DDS plugin only works for versions up to Photoshop CS6 ... Try This >>>> https://goo.gl/sb41rT ...
  3. Ninja

    Thank 's,

    Welcome To The Forum And Happy Gaming
  4. Ninja


    Welcome to the forum. First type !register and then type !stats to see your stats.
  5. Ninja


    After Thorugh Discussion With Other Head Admins In Private, We've Decided To Not Only Remove His Level 40 (Rookie Admin), But Also Kick Fauji From The Clan Due To His Abusive Behaviour/Lack Of Respect Toward Other Admins And In General. We Agreed That This Was Not Admin Abuse, Exe Followed The Rules And The Warnings & The Ban Was Justified. We Carefully Looked At The Provided Evidence And Made This Decision.
  6. Ninja

    Music Arena

  7. Ninja

    lol sooo close

    Rule #10: Purposefully exploiting ingame mechanics
  8. Ninja

    Competitive Team *maybe clickbait

    Why Do You People Drag Me Into Everything, Eh?
  9. Ninja

    Joining our clan

    Moved To Gen... Discussion.
  10. Ninja


    Welcome to the forum
  11. @Ninja My  bro My buddy 

    I have a problem :d

    This is my Old Guid:  8977abda   

    can u replace it with my new one plz !! 

    New Guid:d18499c4 

    Thanks in Advance !! :*

    1. Ninja


      What do you mean by Replace it? i can't transfer your stats etc to a new client

    2. ROnNiE


      oh sorry i dont know that ! 

      ahm when i change my CD key my old me B3 Information is still on my profile ! how can i remove this and connect with my New one ??


    3. Ninja


      Your Username And IP? i Can't Remove That.

      Your Aliases i Can. Usernames That You Used Before.

  12. Ninja

    Crossfire Night

    @{GR}Greek Team B3 Is Not Enabled In Crossfire Night Server So You Can't Notice. B3 Will Be Enabled When Kevin Is Free.
  13. @Ninja  

    hi there   i searched the youtube to use   bandicam  but they only show uses of functions they dont practically use it. can  u post a video  on it after using by yourself please   i hope it is not tooo  much to ask of u  many people r shouting at snd  please  u can post on it  on forums or general discussions  .  

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    2. KashanRaider


      yes i got laptop  tnx  

    3. Ninja


      Ah, in that case, you will have to set NVIDIA Or Intell For The Capture Software (Bandicam/OBS).

      Example: If your game is running on NVIDIA GPU and the capture software is on INTEL It won't work.

      so both should be set manually to run on the same GPU.

    4. KashanRaider


      oh thatswhy ok thnxman u rhelpful

  14. @Ninja

    i downloaded the bandicam but the game isnt recording the sound  but not the video is not  i almost had a hacker named mr . sniper  but my luck i donno how to use bandi cam plz teach me