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  1. Araf

    Happy Birtday buddy!

    Happy birthday @GOODNIGHT wish you many many happy returns of the day.keep sniping Rock on
  2. Araf

    Pipeline new glitch? :D

    Didn't knew about that tree spot
  3. Araf

    SnD No More ?

    Nahhh I like snd more then promode. Only because u can take 2 weapon together in snd (Overkill perk)
  4. Araf

    too big to be notice

    it's almost 1 year i am playing in this clan but i have never noticed that
  5. U joined NM server not MN . Ppl of NM server hacks everyone's CD key. And sell them. That's what I heard not sure about that. But it's NM server not MN
  6. Araf


    Best song
  7. Araf


  8. Araf


    Ok my turn What is lighter than a feather but world's strongest man can't hold for long?
  9. Araf


    Rosted lol
  10. Araf

    need help

    plz help me. what should i do? cant play cod on fullscreen
  11. Araf

    need help

    Ahh sorry about that
  12. Araf

    need help

    Tnx @FNATIC it worked
  13. Araf

    need help

    I will try when I get back home
  14. Araf

    need help

    Still not working
  15. Araf

    Rise for the ashes

    I like ur choice of songs can u drop some song name from ur playlist
  16. Araf

    Join clan

    Check this link bro
  17. Araf

    -=DW=- DeathRun Event

    Damn too busy this day can't play with u guys but if someone record a video plz send it to me
  18. Araf


    No use of buttering me bro. I know I am the biggest noob. In this clan
  19. Araf


    Welcome mate. See u in the battlefield. Did I ever played any match against u?
  20. Araf

    How can i wear a DW tag?

    @hamidcool10 is a God damn wall hacker. Just keep that in mind bro hacking won't make u respectfully to other. It just creat a bad image of u in others mind
  21. Araf


    yes trauma is a girl u still didnt saw her profile pic??
  22. Araf

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    I hope it won't make any problem for me I am from Bangladesh
  23. Araf


    @Trauma is a girl not boy
  24. Araf


    Welcome @||JC||VIPER to our forums see u in the war-ground
  25. Araf

    pls stop this!!!

    @|HAX|AtyAAtyA I have seen it to he is miss using his power