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    call of duty 4 Ban Appeal

    My friend I do not see any ban with that guide. It seems to me that you are using a proxy VPN,shut down and there should be no problem. Greeting
  3. piko

    call of duty 4 Ban Appeal

    You've been banned from admin @omegalol ,please wait for him to answer. Greeting
  4. piko

    call of duty 4 I Have Been Banned

    Use these instructions to apply ban appeals Greeting
  5. piko

    call of duty 4 Im Banned

    To see what the problem is you need to give us your GUID or b3 id Greeting
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  8. piko

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    Congratulations winners
  9. piko

    battalion 1944 help me please

    You need to fill all the fields,exactly. Here's a guide to finding you GUID. Greeting
  10. piko

    call of duty 4 i am ben help me

    You have to fill everything that is required. Without guid or B3 ID we can not control it. Greeting
  11. piko

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    Are you sure I'm winning?
  12. piko

    call of duty 4 banned

    Here you have instructions on how to find guid Greeting
  13. piko

    game lost

    Well explained, I hope to help
  14. piko


    Hi here you can get information about it Needs to install a map pack ,This is the last one you should install http://dwarea.com/mappack.zip Greeting
  15. piko

    call of duty 4 Please remove ban

    By what you said I found you but gave me a wrong guid,your guide is 39d0c66e You are ban By admin @pascal reason ban evading Temp-BAN Fri, 20/07/18 (17:26) 1 day Expires Sat, 21/07/18 (17:26) Wait for him to answer Greeting
  16. piko

    call of duty 4 remove banned

    Your ban is because of the next Rule #3: No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave) ,Abusive toward administration Type Added Duration Expires Reason Admin 10956 Temp-BAN Fri, 20/07/18 (02:51) 1 week Fri, 27/07/18 (02:51) Sorry you will have to wait to expire.
  17. piko

    call of duty 4 in justo

    Please fill out all the fields. Otherwise, you can not help. Thank you
  18. piko

    forum New panel

    Beautifully explained Thanks
  19. piko

    call of duty 4 Why I cant Join?

    You are sure that the correct GUID I can not find it.
  20. piko


    When not working servers I think it is impossible to update status.
  21. piko

    forum New panel

    Try typing like this http://panel.dwarea.com/client.php?cid=(your cid number).
  22. piko

    game lost

    On our servers there is no ban,so you should be able to play. There's something wrong with the game.Try this,if I do not mistake you have the original key. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare (it's here with me)and copy the players file.So you will preserve your progress.Then try to reinstall the game.Go again C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 and put folder Players.
  23. piko

    forum New panel

    @Kevin You're right,i reset my comp and modem and the normal profile returned. Now that I know it's easy to fix it. Thank you for the explanation
  24. piko

    forum New panel

    To try to shut down the modem and connect again.I'll try and get the result THX
  25. piko

    forum New panel

    @Kevin Hello There is one small problem this is my second comp on which my son plays, when I open it from my computer, passes his profile. My profile is this second image. Can and how to get fix it. Thank you