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  1. Insult from -=DW=-pascal

    Here's a video of those suspect
  2. Insult from -=DW=-pascal

    My friend some kills are suspicious,and if you ask me you use hak. And to talk against an admine you must have good evidence.For you I have proof,Do not be sworn and you have luck that you are not banished
  3. call of duty 4 B3 and other options

    My friend when does not work B3 can not work ban, that's a problem
  4. call of duty 4 B3 and other options

    There must be something to do about it.Too many hackers who use absence B3.I hope Kevin and the other admin have time to get it.
  5. abuser and racist

    In-Game Name:CETNIK Server:Crossfire Night Date & Time:20:35 Reason & Proof:abuser and racist
  6. Lemme explain XD

  7. Suggestion For DW command-list

    I think this is a good idea and very useful
  8. if i buy.

    You're welcome There is nothing to do if I can really help
  9. if i buy.

    And you have to save the file players in the file where the ćall of duty 4 is installed,because there are data about your profile (nick, progress etc ...) For example, it's here with me_ C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players
  10. if i buy.

    If you use your old call activation key for the call of duty 4, you should recognize it.It should save the map of the plajers so you will not lose anything about your progress.I think that's how it works IF I make a mistake, let somebody correct me
  11. dw tags

    Here is a clear rule that should be taken care of 4) Abusive use of our clan Tag = Warn > Kick > Tempban 7d (BR's -> 2d Tempban first) It should start with punishment, but unfortunately I do not have that authority
  12. Call of duty 4 modern warfare version 1.7

    You're welcome , there is a program that changes the version you can try if it works Call of Duty 4 - Version Changer.exe http://dwarea.com/forum/50-other-downloads/ But I think it's better to manually install everything.
  13. Call of duty 4 modern warfare version 1.7

    DW does not work with 1.7 only 1.0
  14. Hi

  15. lag

    If possible only live i,not virtual,
  16. lag

    Last days there was a problem, I noticed, but with it.Seeing that the server was down, I think it's normal until it is fixed to become more stable.Sometimes the connection is lost as well, I think the reason is the overload of the server.If it is not Kevin will do it when he has time.
  17. Mahi ZTSO

  18. forum The problems of the past week

    Thank you very much for doing a good job, every honor
  19. Amalcamus Intro

    Welcome there's more fossils here ,me
  20. what happened here?

    Should the game not be in this place? C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare That you should read 1.0 servers should change this file "code_post_gfx_mp.ff ",because they are different for 1.0 and 1.6
  21. forum DON'T MISS ME!!!!

  22. Thx @IAV4K and @GOODNIGHT