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  1. This is not a topic for that,this is the place for Join our clan. Please look out where you set up. Thank you
  2. call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    Well-made compliments So there will be much less evaders
  3. admin exe miss behave everytime

    That you do not have two warnings just one as you can see 43319 Warning Mon, 16/04/18 (21:36) 1 day Tue, 17/04/18 (21:36) Rule #8: No profanity or offensive language (in any language)
  4. This test shows how noob you are!!!!

    Now I understand D mean that I can not go to D
  5. intro.

    it serves to get to know each other better,because we're a big family
  6. call of duty 4 A nuke? :)

    It makes me a good idea for free for all
  7. plz wake up my boiii

    These are old posts
  8. ok thx I try now

  10. campers

    If you can shorten the time for the camp,for example at 10 seconds,it would be much better. I made a topic about it here I do not know if you saw it. Thank you for attention
  11. call of duty 4 Wall hack

    We all work hard, to make such cases less. If there is no admin on line,you can record it,and set a ban request Greeting
  12. Hi ! I'm Talin

    Welcome to the forums.
  13. New Head admins Level 80

  14. VICKY

    First the real request to enter the DW family,and only now represents
  15. VICKY

    Vicky why do you make spam now and you are registered on 07/03/2018 ?
  16. call of duty 4 Camping zombie

    I hope when Kevin has time,do something about it
  17. @Kevin, @IAV4K, @andreadb98, @Ninja, @DucK, @Dusty, @DoN This is just one of my ideas. Playing zombies I have noticed that many are camping and doing glitch. If you would reduce camping time that the length be 10 seconds,I think he would solve the problem of camping,and with that and the glich because they could not be long time in those places.iI is possible to do something like this.
  18. need weapons

  19. need weapons

    Nothing special,just a weird combination of circumstances
  20. need weapons

    Something strange happens today
  21. need weapons

    And the same thing happened to me today