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  1. nN|Doge

    call of duty 4 dEATH RUN Fun

    Deathrun was how I found DW in 2013
  2. nN|Doge

    Decided to make this

    Hello DW, I hope everyone is well. I decided to make a fragmovie using some old clips I recorded playing on your S&D server. As for the music used, I don't like the lyrics. But the instrumental has a good vibe, so I used it anyway. A bit of background info about me: I used to be a DW Rookie Admin, played a little promod too. Ranked Skill = low. Enjoy. If this post is not allowed, it can be deleted no problem. Thanks for providing the best 1.0 servers! Out.
  3. nN|Doge

    Let's Admit It .

  4. nN|Doge

    HCB permbanned me for being DW member

    The FaujiGul who I baited, with Lvl 80 admin James recording. Then got banned for wallhack. Only to appeal on the old dw forum admitting to using a “UAV hack” lol...
  5. nN|Doge

    The future

    I will see you all on Battalion 1944!
  6. I got a Beta Key for Battalion 1944!

    1. IAV4K
    2. Heroic


      good me too :p

    3. eXe


      Give me give me give me!

  7. nN|Doge

    Our future

    I've been following this game for a while and can't wait for it's release. Bye bye CoD4. Pretty cool that it's developed here in the UK!
  8. lol look at my new profile picture

    1. eXe


      Thats you? :d

  9. nN|Doge

    Confusing Intro

    Hello, I'm nN|Doge. I used to be a -=DW=- Rookie Admin back in 2014. My account on this forum used to be owned by somoene else. But it's now in my hands and has been renamed (Thanks to Kevin). The truth is, there used to be two of us on this PC using two different keys. I taught a close friend of mine how to be play on S&D but they have since quit. (I'm sure some of you know who!) About me: I'm a low skilled player who enjoys HC servers and promod. I'm an Admin for NoName (Another CoD4 / Gaming Team). I've played this game since 2010, used to play on your Deathrun server exclusively. Also I'm looking forward to Battalion 1944 Releasing! Your new website and servers are looking as good as ever. Well done! I will see you in game soon, but I have lost the piece of paper with my CD Key on lol...
  10. Hey, I haven't played for a little while, but it's nice to see DW changing! Cool new features in game and on the forum!

    1. Arrr
    2. Kevin


      Thx man :)

    3. eXe


      Doge :3

  11. nN|Doge

    My intro

    Hey, I joined you guys back in summer 2016 on version 1.0. I Played with an ex DW member, Doge. I used his old PC as he built a new one and he's upgrading it again lol I'm too scared to talk on teamspeak, Doge always talked with eXe when we were playing. So here I am hiding behind my keyboard! Just letting you know I'm here on your new forum. I kinda got bored playing thanksss