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  1. Umar93

    Fake commands issue?

    @MONGCHAW no, 3 players get warn at a time.
  2. Umar93

    -=DW=- Don

    Damn @DoN i thought you was a noob.!!!!!!
  3. Umar93

    Birthday <3

    Today was the day when your mom laughed and you cried.
  4. Umar93

    Birthday <3

    Happy Birthday @SpOoKy !!!!!!!!! May you have many more!!!
  5. Umar93


    @KashanRaider mere pracctical ho rahe hai cheating karne hi nahi de rahe.
  6. Umar93

    Attention!!! Playboy Alert!!! Call 911!!!

    Vicky where are U?
  7. Hero yaar mujhe unban kar b3 ne ban kardiya tags se.

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    2. KashanRaider


      @Umar93 yar tum  to accepted member ho to phir tum ko kyun bann kiya 

    3. Umar93
    4. KashanRaider


      iav4k se baat karo  shayad unban ho jao

  8. Umar93

    call of duty 4 Banned

    Guys i have been banned by b3 for tags pls unban me admin...
  9. KEvin which bike do you have a r1?

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    2. LyNx


      @Kevin My chatbox isnt coming :(( 

    3. LyNx


      @Kevin Couldnt  u buy a new PC with that money! xD 



      Let's steal it, it is beautiful

  10. Umar93


    Yar paper ho rahe aaj akhri tha aj khelu ga
  11. Umar93


    Want this noob admins fb profile? @GOODNIGHT
  12. Umar93

    need weapons

    Go to Sabotage, there will be Classic Sabotage there u write !rank u will get on lvl 55 hmm..
  13. Umar93


    Night no you 13 years old.
  14. Umar93

    call of duty 4 Server Rules

    These rules were first too. whats update in that?