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    I am a Martian
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Call of Duty 4

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    M403, Ak47 and Mp5
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  1. Marciano.

    GAMEOVER82 wh.

    In-Game Name: GAMEOVER82 Client ID: 91425 Server: Search & Destroy Date & Time: 22:52 (Venezuelan time) Reason & Proof: wh.
  2. Marciano.

    i'm here again.

    thx baby
  3. Marciano.

    i'm here again.

    Good ladies and gentlemen, I am ready to fly heads, good night and good, I love you all.
  4. Marciano.

    SnD No More ?

    It's not for nothing, but for me, Promod is a shit, it's something created for a 5v5, and when they're 12v12, it's boring and repetitive. We need the SnD urgently.
  5. Marciano.

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    well, we're waiting for the b3 on the new host
  6. Marciano.

    COD Montage - DoN The Ninja

    n1 DoNnut
  7. Marciano.

    Today i try black ops 4 first day of it..

    O M G, you're te best, you still don't lose the skills, n1, nice all
  8. Marciano.

    I had nothing to do so I did that :D

    @DucK nice gameplay daddy, when you come to S&D?
  9. Marciano.

    my sniper skills

    just tell me a day <3
  10. Marciano.

    my sniper skills

    1 v 1
  11. Marciano.

    my sniper skills

    just try to kill me with sniper, lol
  12. Marciano.

    Why me reported?

    don't worry mate, just change a lot.
  13. Marciano.

    Why me reported?

    that's why I never liked that idea of voting to let people into the clan, I'm sorry @KashanRaider, but you still have to learn a lot, he has less wh, and please, moderate your language, good afternoon for everyone. And excuse this misunderstanding. @I'm Slow
  14. Marciano.

    X the best

  15. Marciano.

    call of duty 4 Server down