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  1. Marciano.

    Today i try black ops 4 first day of it..

    O M G, you're te best, you still don't lose the skills, n1, nice all
  2. Marciano.

    I had nothing to do so I did that :D

    @DucK nice gameplay daddy, when you come to S&D?
  3. Marciano.

    my sniper skills

    just tell me a day <3
  4. Marciano.

    my sniper skills

    1 v 1
  5. Marciano.

    my sniper skills

    just try to kill me with sniper, lol
  6. Marciano.

    Why me reported?

    don't worry mate, just change a lot.
  7. Marciano.

    Why me reported?

    that's why I never liked that idea of voting to let people into the clan, I'm sorry @KashanRaider, but you still have to learn a lot, he has less wh, and please, moderate your language, good afternoon for everyone. And excuse this misunderstanding. @I'm Slow
  8. Marciano.

    X the best

  9. Marciano.

    call of duty 4 Server down

  10. Marciano.

    call of duty 4 Final killcam on Search&Destroy

    I would very much like the killcam to come back with us in SND, it was very funny to have to watch the deaths of others. (and it helps a lot to create the competitive environment)
  11. Marciano.

    ban appeal

    I'm sorry, but you must wait, the server kick only lasts 1 day, just wait, and you will play again on our servers. And well, just try to follow our rules, the use of bad words brings its consequences, so follow the rules and you will not be kicked again. Best regards. Marciano.
  12. Marciano.

    ban appeal

    ur guid, please!
  13. Marciano.

    cod4 Notice For Admins

    How can I be kidding? that's me
  14. Marciano.

    cod4 Notice For Admins

    Hey, u need change ur key! I'm that guy, I'm a rookie admin, and I need you, if you're so cortez and kind, you can change your key, because this can not happen, and I need to be just me, thank you, Marciano.