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  1. -=DW=-What

    fov fps

    You must join DW
  2. -=DW=-What

    Modern Strike Online

    Counter Strike GO?
  3. -=DW=-What

    The Singing Clan Game

    Sounds like this game sucks We kill and don't sing
  4. -=DW=-What

    ho play cod Mw2??

    Finished it like 5 times
  5. -=DW=-What

    8 Ball Pool

    That game became boring
  6. -=DW=-What


  7. -=DW=-What

    Who playes >

    Seems like a great idea We could start DW clan there
  8. -=DW=-What


    Kill cam in Hard Cross also?
  9. -=DW=-What

    Zombie Server (upgrade)

    this suggestion is good I think we should support it
  10. -=DW=-What

    For Those who need..

    I would suggest not making fps and fov so strict only a suggestion I think many players really enjoy it
  11. -=DW=-What

    TeamSpeak 3 Server

    IS there a Mumble server?
  12. -=DW=-What

    Unicorn man!!!

  13. -=DW=-What

    Good Or Bad

    Good and Awesome
  14. -=DW=-What

    fov fps

    But you must be a member of DW clan 1st
  15. -=DW=-What

    New comands !regfps & !regfov

    Good commands