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  1. fov fps

    You must join DW
  2. Modern Strike Online

    Counter Strike GO?
  3. The Singing Clan Game

    Sounds like this game sucks We kill and don't sing
  4. ho play cod Mw2??

    Finished it like 5 times
  5. 8 Ball Pool

    That game became boring
  6. NEW

  7. Who playes >

    Seems like a great idea We could start DW clan there
  8. Killcam...?

    Kill cam in Hard Cross also?
  9. Zombie Server (upgrade)

    this suggestion is good I think we should support it
  10. For Those who need..

    I would suggest not making fps and fov so strict only a suggestion I think many players really enjoy it
  11. TeamSpeak 3 Server

    IS there a Mumble server?
  12. Unicorn man!!!

  13. Good Or Bad

    Good and Awesome
  14. fov fps

    But you must be a member of DW clan 1st
  15. New comands !regfps & !regfov

    Good commands