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  1. Hey all players or all MEMBER OR ADMIN. Why i don't see the HARDCORE CROSSFIRE server? it's for all players or just for me? THANK YOU VERY MUCH [RKT] ATN
  2. [RKT] ATN

    Hardcore crossfire bug

    HEY!!! I noticed a problem on the HARDCORE CROSSFIRE server!! Sometimes there are some bugs or even crash! CAN you MAKE SOMETHING? Otherwise everything goes well! THANK YOU
  3. [RKT] ATN

    Hardcore crossfire bug

    I noticed that sometimes the server HARDOCRE CROSSFIRE bug or the crash! I don't understand why ?: solve this problem please! THANK YOU
  4. [RKT] ATN

    my intro [RKT] ATN

    hey! my name is [RKT] ATN, on the forum as in the game. I LOVE TO PLAY ON COD4!!! The version of my game is: 1.0.527 I PLAY Regularly. I am not in a clan but I shall like to become member of DW THANK YOU VERY MUCH! it was me or [ RKT] ATN ! LOL THANK YOU
  5. HI OUCH! im RKT ATN in hard crossfire! please how to be a member of DW!


  6. please MONGCHAW ! how to be a member of DW! just member