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  1. Call of Duty : Black Ops 4

    who else thinks BO4 are little bit too far?
  2. Guessing Your Age

    If you bad at math then use Calculator...
  3. Guessing Your Age

    In this topic im gonna guess your age Note : this only works on 2018 Step 1 : Pick any number from 1 to 10 Step 2 : Multiply your chosen number by 2 Step 3 : Add 5 to your total Step 4 : Multiply your new total by 50 Step 5 : If you already had your birthday this year, add 1768 If you not had your birthday this year, add 1767 Step 6 : Subtract your total the year which you were born (e.g minus 1998) Now your total should be a three digit number The first number of your total will be the number you chose at the beginning And the remaining two numbers are your age GUESSED IT sorry if bad english.
  4. Suggestion

    then how this mod works for me? my cod is in 1.0
  5. Suggestion

    im just suggesting Mod Name : Reign of the Undead - Revolution if you could make a server for this mod...
  6. call of duty 4 Ban Appeal

    In-Game name when banned: [AT]Xander Your GUID : dfe0679c Server:All Server Ban Length/Time Remaining: doesn't showed... Why should you be unbanned: Because i didn't do anything wrong,when the "Setting up game loop" fixed,i got banned for no reason.
  7. i can't join any DW server

    when i was joining a dw server this "Setting up game..." never ends,how do i fix this?