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Call of Duty 4

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    AK47, P90, G36C
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Battalion 1944

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    AK47, P90, G36C
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  1. wolfy tu ne is profile ka kya kia hai ye wala chor dya hai? qk ab tm ne eye wolfy wala bana lya ha na

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    2. Heroic


      banned nhi hy pagal

    3. [eYe]WoLfY


      me login ni kr skta

    4. karlaone


      No Entendi nada pero yo tambien te quiero:)

  2. lol self paraising

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    2. ZAIN


      i mean khud ki tarif ki hai profile ma about me ma k i m  good boi


    3. ZAIN


      wolfy tra to apna profile ta  to ye dosra bana lya?

    4. [eYe]WoLfY


      wo band ho gya tha means k us me log in nhi ho rha tha


  3. UsmanMAni

    mashallah mani so handsome. i m zain
  4. idea for prestige

    saqlain is my bro he make an account for me so he give his name to my account ok
  5. idea for prestige

    thats good idea rainy bro best one i like it something new we will see in game. i m ZAIN