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  1. HadesGR

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    the difference between 32 and 64 bits?
  2. HadesGR

    zombie server

    Today i decided to play for the first time in the zombie server.. my experience was really bad... at the beginning we were about 4 players.. that was ok... then we were about 15 players and the 13 of them were just camping with shotguns.. thats very bad... it not enjoyable at all.. here is a video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqsUp97q-T0
  3. HadesGR


    i did a quick refresh and the servers are there..! thanks for the help guys!
  4. HadesGR


    i got a question.. sometimes when i refresh my server list, many servers aren t there anymore.. and btw they are open servers with many players.. if i refresh my list and i can t find the DW servers what can i do then?
  5. HadesGR

    IP of the servers of -=DW=-

    that s useful indeed!
  6. HadesGR

    call of duty 4 CARE PACKAGE

    nuke bullets are the best.. especially when you are in a room sniping.. and the bullet stop for a crazy reason at the window.. and explodes.. and you are dead.... and aahh.. i wanna cry.. btw i never realised what ninja ability does.. except some flaims that you leave on your way.. and on topic. yes it s annoying stealing your care package..
  7. HadesGR

    stop laughing :P

    Just don't..!
  8. HadesGR

    call of duty 4 Pictures of the white smoke

    @Vicky with simple words.. it s lag.. dont go towards this thing..
  9. HadesGR

    Birthday <3

    Happy birthday mate!!!
  10. HadesGR

    Hi I'm RONNIE

    wolcome to the forums bro!
  11. HadesGR


    i think iron lungs is the most useless perk.. if you are good there is enough time to kill someone.. deep impact, bandolier, and stopping power/sleight of hand in hardcore. M40A3 or Barrett50cal. for me..
  12. HadesGR

    Joining our clan

    the patience is the first thing. i don't know why but it takes time.. they have to check many thing about the person who make the application.. for example mine took about a month but eventually got in.. i think that if you are a normal player and you are active in the forum you get in.. my recent experience.!
  13. HadesGR


    this situation is very bad.. there are a lot of hackers in soft crossfire too... if you start reporting them there is no time for you to play..
  14. HadesGR

    Decided to make this

    Nice work mate!
  15. HadesGR


    i have a question about that! if advance to the next lvl with prestige what am i losing? (except for guns camos and missions for these 2..and the 55 to 1 lvl again.)