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Call of Duty 4

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    M40A3, Barrett50Cal., AK-47, mp5.
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  1. complaint

    I agree with the weaker grenades.. the care package is something that holds you back if you have to unbox it.. but i think that the other killstreaks take the game one step forward!
  2. 8 Ball Pool

    most of us just find it annoying....
  3. who plays PUBG?

    So many gamers playing and talking about this game... i tried once but i didnt find it that interesting...
  4. Good Or Bad

    i prefer to play call of duty 4 from mw2/mw3
  5. My Sniping

    why you ask? compare yourself.. you dont know if you are getting better? faster?
  6. Plz give me some tips and tricks

    spend time gaming man.. the more you play the better you will become... hours.. hours..
  7. What Server

    hardcore crossfire 24/7 .
  8. cod4mw Best gun in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

    bolt snipers!! just the best.. sometimes i think barrett50cal. it s better because i aim quickly. M40A3 is good too bad it needs more time to get steady.. if i hardscope i am not so patient.. quickscoping with M40A3 and R700 just makes you feel gooood
  9. Sniping Guide

    wolfy i have spectate you many times! you are doing good. a sniper in my opinion has to be quick.. the most important! i think it s good to hold your breath before you stand up. if you think that you have made a lot of enemies angry just take place! if you can handle them, then your kills come to you on their own.. i rarely change place... but it s up to you! hope i helped you a little bit..
  10. Ranks & Achievements

    just take a sniper and find a good spot to camp! you will increase your kd ratio too! btw i have completed all of them!