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  1. HadesGR

    Slow frame rate

    i have the same problem... slow frame rate, not fullscreen.. i cant even type anything in console... any suggestion?
  2. HadesGR

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    the difference between 32 and 64 bits?
  3. HadesGR

    zombie server

    Today i decided to play for the first time in the zombie server.. my experience was really bad... at the beginning we were about 4 players.. that was ok... then we were about 15 players and the 13 of them were just camping with shotguns.. thats very bad... it not enjoyable at all.. here is a video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqsUp97q-T0
  4. HadesGR


    i did a quick refresh and the servers are there..! thanks for the help guys!
  5. HadesGR


    i got a question.. sometimes when i refresh my server list, many servers aren t there anymore.. and btw they are open servers with many players.. if i refresh my list and i can t find the DW servers what can i do then?
  6. HadesGR

    IP of the servers of -=DW=-

    that s useful indeed!
  7. HadesGR

    call of duty 4 CARE PACKAGE

    nuke bullets are the best.. especially when you are in a room sniping.. and the bullet stop for a crazy reason at the window.. and explodes.. and you are dead.... and aahh.. i wanna cry.. btw i never realised what ninja ability does.. except some flaims that you leave on your way.. and on topic. yes it s annoying stealing your care package..
  8. HadesGR

    stop laughing :P

    Just don't..!
  9. HadesGR

    call of duty 4 Pictures of the white smoke

    @Vicky with simple words.. it s lag.. dont go towards this thing..
  10. HadesGR

    Birthday <3

    Happy birthday mate!!!
  11. HadesGR

    Hi I'm RONNIE

    wolcome to the forums bro!
  12. HadesGR


    i think iron lungs is the most useless perk.. if you are good there is enough time to kill someone.. deep impact, bandolier, and stopping power/sleight of hand in hardcore. M40A3 or Barrett50cal. for me..
  13. HadesGR

    Joining our clan

    the patience is the first thing. i don't know why but it takes time.. they have to check many thing about the person who make the application.. for example mine took about a month but eventually got in.. i think that if you are a normal player and you are active in the forum you get in.. my recent experience.!
  14. HadesGR


    this situation is very bad.. there are a lot of hackers in soft crossfire too... if you start reporting them there is no time for you to play..
  15. HadesGR

    Decided to make this

    Nice work mate!