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  1. Hi I'm RONNIE

    wolcome to the forums bro!
  2. snipe

    i think iron lungs is the most useless perk.. if you are good there is enough time to kill someone.. deep impact, bandolier, and stopping power/sleight of hand in hardcore. M40A3 or Barrett50cal. for me..
  3. Joining our clan

    the patience is the first thing. i don't know why but it takes time.. they have to check many thing about the person who make the application.. for example mine took about a month but eventually got in.. i think that if you are a normal player and you are active in the forum you get in.. my recent experience.!
  4. VICKY

    this situation is very bad.. there are a lot of hackers in soft crossfire too... if you start reporting them there is no time for you to play..
  5. Decided to make this

    Nice work mate!
  6. Prestige

    i have a question about that! if advance to the next lvl with prestige what am i losing? (except for guns camos and missions for these 2..and the 55 to 1 lvl again.)
  7. Hackers

    Guys... soft crossfire.. many hackers, no admins.. they are ruinning our games.. do something please!
  8. Killstreak

    i think it happens to all servers..!
  9. forum The problems of the past week

    A devoted admin! thanks for your effort!
  10. complaint

    I agree with the weaker grenades.. the care package is something that holds you back if you have to unbox it.. but i think that the other killstreaks take the game one step forward!
  11. 8 Ball Pool

    most of us just find it annoying....
  12. who plays PUBG?

    So many gamers playing and talking about this game... i tried once but i didnt find it that interesting...
  13. Good Or Bad

    i prefer to play call of duty 4 from mw2/mw3
  14. My Sniping

    why you ask? compare yourself.. you dont know if you are getting better? faster?