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    Best topic ever
  2. Free Fire

    Is it up for iOS ?
  3. My Back ground

    Well, welcome
  4. Sniping Guide

    Hmm that’s cute
  5. Sniping Guide

    Just don’t hardscope. That will make it harder @DoN Don’t blame your fps. You low-skilled lol And, dont use double tap on sniper like DoN did
  6. Quote :D

  7. Your best high score.

    0 kills-9 deaths my best so far
  8. Happy New Year.

    Happy new year
  9. Hellu Forums!

    Hey, this is MetalUpYerAss. Recently, I had some issue with the server and I find myself in forums. So I just wanted to say hello to you all. I am 23 years old, and a civil engineer. I love playing CoD4 with you guys. (except @DoN ) I am playing in DW servers like 2 years, and I know most of you guys. But, if there are still people who don't know me, well that's pretty much me Lastly, and most importantly.... MetalUpYerAss!
  10. My Finger :'(

    Get well soon dude (geçmiş olsun!)
  11. Hellu Forums!

    Yes as soon as you came
  12. Hellu Forums!

    Thank you
  13. Hellu Forums!

    That was just beginning
  14. Hellu Forums!

  15. Hellu Forums!

    Thanks @DucK and @Marciano. ^^
  16. Hellu Forums!

    @IAV4K noobs are gonna rule the world someday!