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  1. had grenades been nerfed in cod4?

    Wow, I never thought like that. You sir, have opened my eyes. I am not gonna kill myself with a nade, all thanks to you. Thanks for the heads up! Keep ing. Lol
  2. had grenades been nerfed in cod4?

    Just press G and hold it as long as you can. It will work 100%. Kill confirmed. Thank me later. Keep fraggin’
  3. Hi There!

    Hello and welcome to the forums And who cares about grammar lol
  4. How to reduce ping while playing COD4 MW multiplayer

    Is that how you solve it?
  5. Intro

    Welcome to the forums @Tara ! Enjoy your stay here
  6. Looking for battalion mates ^^

    Accepted Let’s frag ‘em !
  7. Looking for battalion mates ^^

    Hello -=DW=- Family ! As you know, recently Battalion 1944 came out. I have the game and I’ve noticed there are few players for now. If you have the game, we can play together! My steam profile is You can add me, see you in game!
  8. Looking for battalion mates ^^

    Fix it and we will shine
  9. Amalcamus Intro

    And grandpa came
  10. Amalcamus Intro

    Well, we have olders like @AKA but I believe old is gold. These are guidelines you need And welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay
  11. When I join servers b3 does not recognize me as a member. When i do !regtest, it says I am a new registered user. This is my client page before : This is the new one : I've checked if my key code has changed somehow, but no it stays at the same. And I've noticed that both clients (which both are me) has almost same guid, but the second one has 00000000 at first 8 digits. It would be great if someone can help me. Best Regards.
  12. call of duty 4 Can someone help ?

    Seems like fixed
  13. my intro

    Welcome to the forums @KING CANDY Enjoy it and @KashanRaider See this
  14. The future

    I’ll buy it for sure. Seems like a good game
  15. P90 pro intro

    Hello @AKA .. Welcome to the forums! You are too old..
  16. CLUB TAG

    Check this out; You can pm me if you have another questions.
  17. hello!

    Welcome to the jung.. forums! Enjoy your stay!
  18. Your best high score.

    @DoN I did 0-14 today!
  19. DW tag needed

    Read this and follow the steps.
  20. There are other CoD games? jk, CoD 2 is awesome
  21. How to wear Tag?

    This is the place to make an application to join DW clan; But make sure you read the rules first here;
  22. How To Make Ban Appeal

    Thaz gret no i can cler ma banz ty so much dun u da bez