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  1. Liers

    Sure you were not even wear the tag, but keep kicking/warning players and removing warnings when another player about to get temp-ban, illegaly. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not arguing with you, just want to make it clear that you deserved what happened.
  2. Liers

    And you were okay with it. But now you trying “You can’t fire me because I quit”
  3. Liers

    All you had to do was pm any RA and say “Hello, I was retired can you take my adminship powers back?” You did not do that. Maybe you liked the powers you have huh? Anyways, your attitude shows you do not deserve being a part of this family. I say family because we are a family, all clan mates are brothers/sisters. So if you start a poopstorm against any of our brothers/sisters, you find yourself got kicked out. So for your information; I can say you got kicked out, not retired.
  4. INTRO : +*C4m!LL3*+

    Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay here!
  5. call of duty 4 CAMPERS AND BLIND SPRAYERS

    Do not touch my spray!! Jk. But i can’t live without spraying
  6. Intoduction : KING LION

    Oh hey LION
  7. call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    R.I.P. ban evaders
  8. This test shows how noob you are!!!!

    Oh it’s so sad that I am the only noob
  9. This test shows how noob you are!!!!

    I am gonna go with B
  10. Are you a noob? A-YES B-YES C- Both A and B
  11. intro.

    It is not that hard. We just want to make sure our members are active and dedicated enough to DW family.
  12. joke #2

  13. call of duty 4 New Head admins Level 80

    Congrats dude
  14. Look who I found????

    If you look at the picture enough maybe you become him lol