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  1. MetalUpYerAss

    SnD No More ?

    If you wanna play with more people snd is better in my opinion. Promod is created for 5v5 fights, if you play it 12v12 it’s poop.
  2. MetalUpYerAss

    call of duty 4 Need a fix on my Flag

    Maybe you are in Australia but you don’t know about it?
  3. MetalUpYerAss


    What is slow music? Thats for kittens. Metal up your ass!
  4. MetalUpYerAss


    I wanna add another riddle; I am a whore Who am i?
  5. MetalUpYerAss

    The Extermination - A Film by DoN

    First i said nice video, then i realized i was in the wrong tab.
  6. MetalUpYerAss

    applications for adman ?

    No, we find the hackers’ ip and with free flight tickets ( @eXe buys them) we flew in hackers’ places then stick a shiny metal up their asses (where do you think my name comes from?) If we do it 5 times we become a server admin.
  7. MetalUpYerAss

    call of duty 4 Request For Cod4X For SnD

    I don’t think that cod4x can be run at v1.0 which our servers on. It only works on v1.7-1.8 as i know. Correct me if I’m wrong
  8. MetalUpYerAss


    90% Bro 5% 2% Welcome All jokes aside, welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay here
  9. MetalUpYerAss

    How can i wear a DW tag?

    Don’t hack?
  10. MetalUpYerAss

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    Yok ben test ettim yenisini, bir farklılık yok.
  11. MetalUpYerAss

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    Oh yes! Now @Trauma will play on usa servers! Best news ever!
  12. MetalUpYerAss

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    I have good ping on the old servers, hope it remains as such
  13. MetalUpYerAss

    DWvsDW Challenge - Video Highlights

    Actually, DoN decided to make a video of @GOODNIGHT ‘s kills. Then, he figured out that youtube does not allow videos less than 5 seconds lol
  14. MetalUpYerAss

    DWvsDW Challenge - Video Highlights

    Awesome! And that -=DW=-MetalAss guy seems pretty handsome
  15. MetalUpYerAss

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    I am gonna win this for sure