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    g3 with silencer
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  1. I will be AFK

    best wishes das try to back early
  2. I will be AFK

    why mate ?
  3. softcore snd

    where is softcore snd server ?
  4. Good Morning

    Good Morning Gamer's :)
  5. movies

    live free or die hard 2007 movie which i most like because of technology xD
  6. Alot of servers

    OMG now there are so many DW servers in my list i am enjoying so much Thanks creator
  7. UsmanMAni

    don thank you don xD
  8. UsmanMAni

    thank you duck
  9. UsmanMAni

    thank you ninja
  10. UsmanMAni

    jani thanks bht bht
  11. UsmanMAni

    thank you so much man
  12. UsmanMAni

    My name is UsmanMani nick name is mani players called me mani in the server . I am 19 year old guy from Pakistan. I am plying DW server since 1 and half year ago. This is the best server because of friendly and co-opreative players. Thanks You DW creator and all players