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  1. Introduction of -SALMON-

    welcome salmon bro i like u too

    haha soldier yeah kia kiya ?
  3. go hackers go

  4. go hackers go

    guys what is going on here i mean in server a lot of hackers they destroy all fun do something ban hackers for whole life go hackers go , go hackers go , go hackers go ..........
  5. UsmanMAni

    My name is UsmanMani nick name is mani players called me mani in the server . I am 19 year old guy from Pakistan. I am plying DW server since 1 and half year ago. This is the best server because of friendly and co-opreative players. Thanks You DW creator and all players
  6. DW Servers under attack

    ofc looser attack on this server haters may GOD make them gay
  7. -=DW=-Reli

    hello every body!hope u guys fine rules are equal for all admin reli kicked me due to camp in hardcore i was playing with sniper so without camp i cant snipe because i have too much high ping when i tried to talk with him i cant play without camp in sniper than he gave me warning so what is this guys and also he was camping too with assault rifle and he was saying me again and again go and report go and report than i leave game and come here he finished all my fun this is really not fair DW reli really bad attitude u have i am disheart by u if u not happy with me than tell me i am ready to leave and ready to uninstall the game.
  8. -=DW=-Reli

    thanks iav4k 4 understand my feeling u r intelligent i know i did bad too but reli is admin he have to think about us sorry again
  9. -=DW=-Reli

    ok bro as u wish sorry reli sorry everbody whom i heart next time it wont happend again.
  10. -=DW=-Reli

    ok bro as u wish sorry reli sorry everbody whom i heart next time it wont happend again.
  11. -=DW=-Reli

    i respect every admin even all players
  12. -=DW=-Reli

    dude u heart me first than i said u r noob and crying
  13. -=DW=-Reli

    sorry but shame on you too because you did very bad u have to be cool minded because u r admin think many time before kick some1 because its heart to other 1 ( except hackers )
  14. -=DW=-Reli

    oh damn dont blame me i have no g3 class even i just took it from land and replace it with desert eagle i used g3 for just 1 round man, and mate u did not told me dont camp u banned me first and tell me after this, thats why i asked u why u banned me than u gave me warning. i am just a mamber and u r server admin u have to tell me about the rule and than take a step but u did not. I am not good in english thats why i cant express everything in english words , and mate for your info i like friendly enviornment even me and striker was joking with each other and doing fun with sniper u can ask to him .
  15. Admiral (Banned)

    @DoNyou guys are the best
  16. Admiral (Banned)

    Good work @Kevin @eXe @DoN
  17. Be a Better Person - Make a Better Future..

    Well said @DoN bro 100% right when i came newly in this server i did many little mistake but now i have earned lot of things from here and learning process is still going on thanks @DucK @Kevin all admins and other all guys @heroic @das. Respect is every thing.
  18. -=DW=- Zombie Intro

    Wow @DucK cool
  19. New Zombie Server

    Nice @kevin
  20. New Zombie Server

  21. I will be AFK

    best wishes das try to back early
  22. I will be AFK

    why mate ?
  23. softcore snd

    where is softcore snd server ?
  24. Good Morning

    Good Morning Gamer's :)