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  1. YES! YES! YES! i wont be able to download it anyway except if it will be downloaded in-game
  2. intRO

    welcome to the forum.. Dinner will be ready in 1 Hour
  3. GodMode hack!!

    In-Game Name:Robert Server:Hardcore crossfire Date & Time: 4/21/2018 at 17:35 more or less Reason & Proof:
  4. GodMode hack!!

    He changed his name to Pavoletti now
  5. call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    it was awesome being there...lots of fun thx to @Heroic and also to everybody who was there!
  6. Well it has been some time since i had an server idea/suggestion, So i decided to think of one, Hope you guys like it. Make events or tournaments where you can pick 2-8 or more people to do these fun stuff with you like ak-47 only and as a group you need to get like 800 kills. it would be fun to see like 5 groups battle each other to get the kills, or more groups could be fun...
  7. call of duty 4 Events and Tournaments.

    @GOODNIGHT ok mine will be @Ninja @MetalUpYerAss @andreadb98 @DoN should be a greate match
  8. call of duty 4 Events and Tournaments.

    @MetalUpYerAss yeah i agree, that would be awesome
  9. call of duty 4 Events and Tournaments.

    @MetalUpYerAss yeah that would be cool. @LyNx the server is not yet made thats why its an suggestion.
  10. call of duty 4 Events and Tournaments.

    yeah me too
  11. call of duty 4 Events and Tournaments.

    Ok but then make a server and then you need to apply on this website before you can go on that server
  12. Hi ! I'm Talin

    i dont understand the language but thank Segria for making it to english... Welcome to the Forums
  13. War Thunder

    Hey guys, for some of you guys that have been wondering where im at the servers. I only have been playing the game "WarThunder" it is a ver cool game but i will still be playing on COD, but not as much as i used to. For those who also play the game, i hope i see you in further battles.
  14. call of duty 4 Server Idea

    I have no idea but i just had a good idea for a server. I know you guys are warmed up to Battalion 1944 but i still hope you guys will be able to add this server. anyway my idea for a server is last man standing, its like a free for all mixed with search and destroy. Everybody is on their own and when you die you have to wait for next round untill only one player remains. what do you think of this?
  15. call of duty 4 Server Idea

    @MONGCHAW ok cool thx for letting me help ill see if i can watch some YT vids
  16. call of duty 4 Server Idea

    @MONGCHAW i have not made a mod but i would like to try, looks fun to do and my vacation starts wednesday so i will have time to do it
  17. call of duty 4 Server Idea

    @MONGCHAW oh thx man for giving it a go for this mod, i support you all the way with this creation, if need help you can also PM me!...
  18. Black Ops 4 TEASER TRAILER

    Its ones again that time of year where call of duty makes a new game every year...I really hope this game will be sucessfull
  19. call of duty 4 Server Idea

    @Police lol no that would just be crazy man
  20. call of duty 4 Server Idea

    @Police but this is not a planting a bomb mode, its free for all with Search and destroy where you dont respawn...
  21. call of duty 4 Server Idea

    @Uzbek thats what we could do @DaJoker thx
  22. Music Arena

  23. Black Ops 4 TEASER TRAILER

    @MONGCHAW yeah i agree with you..
  24. Black Ops 4 TEASER TRAILER

    yeah it does kinda look like a modern shooter.. but thats what we need
  25. call of duty 4 Wolfy Demoted.

    well like they say You win some, you lose some