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  1. forum A referral code for EDM producers free

    but what you do one that @MONGCHAW
  2. DW tag needed

    lol these people that just want to wear the tag just like that irritates the hell out of me
  3. forum A referral code for EDM producers free

    what can you do on this website @MONGCHAW
  4. @DucK well i know steam free but i not yet have my own job to buy this game...
  5. Back 2 School

    @Segria lol i killed you most on desert eagle only server bro
  6. Back 2 School

    Well its that time of year where school starts again So i will only be active on weekends (mostly Saterdays and sundays) So keep the servers nice and clean from hackers while im gone in the week!!
  7. Man do i wish this game didnt cost money and not require steam
  8. Free Fire

    Hey, I have come across a very smooth mobile game. It is just like Rules of Survival but much more smoother even on a Huawei Y560-L06. With the new update you can create a guild and play together. This game is only 180+ mb to download so it is not that much, I really hope you guys decide to download this so we can play together. If you have any further questions COMMENT down below and i will reply with the info i have.... FREE FIRE
  9. Back 2 School

    lol.. i had no idea @Rosario Vampire
  10. How to join on server

    @Inside Siwc*-* stop spamming
  11. Back 2 School

    @Rosario Vampire thats why i said i will play on saterday and sunday cause i do homework on friday and in the week i go to an hostile

    @MetalUpYerAss LOL indeed bro
  13. new server please

    there was such a server but it is not put online... and with kevin very busy i dont think we will have any new servers putted in, just the ones we have now
  14. The Call Of Duty Evolution

    But still very good songs tho
  15. The Call Of Duty Evolution

    @Rosario Vampire those videos are so old bro...i watched it in the year 2015 or 2016
  16. Free Fire

    Anybody who has downloaded this PM me your ingame name so i can add you as friend and then we play together or ill give mine
  17. help!!

    ok well thx but i fixed my bandicam lag...dont know how but ok
  18. help!!

    I have tried to record hacker with bandicam but it lags so much... then i tried to /record on console but when i press /demo with name it wont do anything... So i am making a friedly req that a member or admin would record for me if i find hacker...or something like that.. I am asking very nicely that someone to help me pls!!!
  19. biggest rage yet!!

    lol his hand stinged
  20. biggest rage yet!!

    hey guys.. Have you ever raged yet..well if you did tell us all about it!!!!
  21. A friendly request to DW!

    @Loud dont know as kevin or any other head admin
  22. Hi guys.. I wanted to make a friendly request that DW should bring promode back... It is a really nice server to and i would like that if you guys can bring it back "IF POSSIBLE" _My only request before DW move to battalion 1944_
  23. Shadow Fight 2

    i have already played shadow fight 3 and completed that
  24. help!!

    @DoN where