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  1. Let's Admit It .

    any bro that fights beside me is my favourate player
  2. Athletic

    @IAV4K lol i dont think so but i hope so!!
  3. Hey guys, I have come across that no command works for me... I dont know if its only me or everybody but pls fix this bug or glitch quickly.... Thx for reading this and enjoy your day!
  4. Athletic

    Hey guys today was my school athletic and wanted to share my info of my score.... 100m sprint:14,64 sec 200m sprint: 31,21 sec long jump: 5,32m javeline throw: 36m (not so good in it) So thats bassicly my score....
  5. forum A referral code for EDM producers free

    but what you do one that @MONGCHAW
  6. DW tag needed

    lol these people that just want to wear the tag just like that irritates the hell out of me
  7. forum A referral code for EDM producers free

    what can you do on this website @MONGCHAW
  8. @DucK well i know steam free but i not yet have my own job to buy this game...
  9. Back 2 School

    @Segria lol i killed you most on desert eagle only server bro
  10. Man do i wish this game didnt cost money and not require steam
  11. Back 2 School

    lol.. i had no idea @Rosario Vampire
  12. How to join on server

    @Inside Siwc*-* stop spamming
  13. Back 2 School

    @Rosario Vampire thats why i said i will play on saterday and sunday cause i do homework on friday and in the week i go to an hostile
  14. Back 2 School

    Well its that time of year where school starts again So i will only be active on weekends (mostly Saterdays and sundays) So keep the servers nice and clean from hackers while im gone in the week!!

    @MetalUpYerAss LOL indeed bro