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  1. Mythical

    Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday Sorryif im late
  2. Mythical

    forum New panel

    @Kevin so you were wtf pasta on promod this morning?
  3. Mythical

    game lost

    is it our clans free for all server if not i dont think we can help you
  4. Mythical

    my intro :)

    Welcome to the Forums. Dinner shall be ready in-game.
  5. Mythical

    my sniper skills

    Sniper bro
  6. Mythical

    my sniper skills

    nah thats nothing, try 109 kills and 35 deaths
  7. Mythical


    welcom to the forums
  8. Mythical


    Well we already have discord so making a facebook page will be useless cause i am never on my own facebook.
  9. Mythical

    Best mobile game (Clash of Clans)

    @Rebel thats to bad tho
  10. Mythical

    Best mobile game (Clash of Clans)

    @Rebel how much active, Daily, weekly or monthly active?
  11. Mythical

    Best mobile game (Clash of Clans)

    @Rebel lol thats nothing, i had a TH7 (someone hacked that account) TH6 and a TH9 (almost maxed) Do you still play the game?
  12. Mythical

    Best mobile game (Clash of Clans)

    @ALI1 i forgot to say in topic, that it is one of the best mobile games IN MY OPINION... so no need to be offended by this...
  13. Mythical

    Best mobile game (Clash of Clans)

    @[eYe]WoLfY a long time ago i also quite this game because it was frustrating at a time, but now with the new clan games, clan war mechanics where you get more loot also in that 5 star multiplayer battles... I thought i should come back and see how it was and that was more like a year ago, but now i love it again
  14. Mythical

    Best mobile game (Clash of Clans)

    lol ok
  15. Mythical

    Best mobile game (Clash of Clans)

    @KashanRaider you play clash of clans, what TH lv?