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  1. Maintenance

    What modification will be pu in the server if i may ask?
  2. idea for prestige

    im prestige 5 so im level 5
  3. Zombie Server (upgrade)

    yeah i know he is gonna put on a BETA version in tonight
  4. Zombie Server (upgrade)

    THx _Wait_What_
  5. Zombie Server (upgrade)

    can you maybe give the servers IP address cause i would like to play on it?
  6. Zombie Server (upgrade)

    As we all know the Zombie server was based on some people are zombies and some are human. But if we can make the zombie server like black ops 2 zombies where bots are the zombies, and the people are the human. And included you have a pistol in beginning and theres a magic box where you use your points to get weapons. I know this will require alot of modding but on the bright side i think this could be an greate server to make... And also alot of fun!
  7. lag

    i have had also lag but i only thought it was me imagining
  8. For Those who need..

    yeah nice suggestion Don
  9. Killcam...?

    I have noticed that the killcam of SND has been removed... Some people actually miss the killcam and so do i. It would be really cool if this can be added again. THX FOR WATCHING
  10. Crazy Suggestion!!

    oh ok IAV4K i understand
  11. Crazy Suggestion!!

    Thx FNATIC i really appreciate it
  12. Crazy Suggestion!!

    yeah i have been playing on that server lately... Nicely done BTW
  13. Crazy Suggestion!!

    I have been doing some thinking and i come up with an idea to add some new guns in the server. We all have been playing with the same gun everytime but what if new guns can be added like the Ak-12. I think this can be a cool way to spice up the servers. thanks for watching
  14. Mythical intro

  15. Mythical intro

    Thx for the welcoming