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  1. Battalion 1944 - Early Access Trailer 2018

    Subscribed to beta
  2. DW Servers under attack

    Hello all, after recent problems on servers i'm here to make you know that our servers are been attacked. That caused game crashes and lag. We are currently working to trying to find a solution for this problem. We will let you know when the problem will be solved. Thanks andreadb98
  3. DW Servers under attack

    I don't think..
  4. DW Servers under attack

    No he isn't. I don't think Scott attack us. Say hi from me to him.
  5. Free

  6. Our future

    Battalion seems to be a nice game. Maybe we will set one or two more server in future in cod4, dont worry guys
  7. Happy New Year.

    I wish you all a good 2018
  8. How to remove an alias?

    I delete your aliases. That was an exception. Next time i will not do it again.
  9. What's up

    We are currently trying to resolve these problems. Sorry for the drawback.
  10. DW Servers do not respond

    We are trying to resolve the problems. Thanks.
  11. How to put skins on weapons

    Tell me whats the problem, i don't understand where he falls.
  12. How to post a recorded video

    Upload your video on youtube. Then copy the URL and post the URL in a ban request.
  13. abuse towards the admins

  14. My Finger :'(

    Get well fast matey <3 I wish you an Happy Christmas Stay strong matey!
  15. Make snd better!

    Heli will just ruin the server.
  16. DW merry christmas!!

    Merry Christmas to you too
  17. Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas guys. And happy new year ! Congratulations for 11 years ^^ This will be a great year.
  18. Confusing Intro

    Welcome back Doge !
  19. TeamSpeak 3 Server

    Server is disabled for now. We will let you know when it will be opened.
  20. : } haters

    ahahahahah yeeeeees If the 90% if cod4 players play in our servers, it's not our fault What a noobs they are...flamers and noobs.. ahhaha gj
  21. How to install mappacks in 1.0

    Download the mappack from here: Extract it anywhere, and run INSTALL.exe Wait for download finish /connect;password mappack /connect;password mappack Enjoy.
  22. -=DW=-bob

    Hi Bob !
  23. How to install mappacks in 1.0

    Download again the mappack and run it as admin.
  24. How to install mappacks in 1.0

    Please describe your problems.