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  1. New Zombie Server

    Thanks Kev
  2. GUID 539dc508 unban me pls

    I don't see any penalities.
  3. Maintenance

    Thanks for info mate!
  4. Hi whats up

    Welcome to the forums @Arrr!

    I played it times ago. I like it.
  6. TeamSpeak 3 Server

    ..And.. Stay connected guys
  7. movies

    INCEPTION, and all films directed by Christopher Nolan, and music by Hans Zimmer.
  8. This Or That

    Girlfriend Porn or sex ?
  9. New comands !regfps & !regfov

    Hi guys, Kevin developed 4 new comands. !regfps >> This register on our B3 database if you want fullbright ON/OFF !unregfps >>This UN-register your previously setting about fullbright from database !regfov >>This register in our B3 database if you want high fov ON/OFF !unregfov >>This UN-register your previously setting about fov from database All the times that you reconnect to our servers B3 will put your saved fullbright/fov settings. Kevin created this to delete chat spam in game. So please use it. Thanks !
  10. Mythical intro

    Hi ! Welcome to the forums!
  11. New options and corrections.

    Supeer ! Cod i'm coming again
  12. Discord

    No need discord for now. We have one. But i think we will go on TS.
  13. Discord or Teamspeak?

    Both, but i prefere discord
  14. Are you a Web Developer?

    Cool, i was also learning too, but it took me some time :D