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  1. Insult from -=DW=-pascal

    I think @Macedonian you are a false person, don't get us around.. creating fake accounts.. You insulted him too, don't feel to be in the right side. @pascal This behaviour is not what an admin need to demostrate to the other players, i think you must say sorry for first. You guys need to calm down, insulting someone specially a DW admin is a bad thing to do, tell him "hope your mother ..." you just paid a ticket for the ban list. @pascal Just wrong the misures of his actions, i think he replied with his feelings and not by our scale of punishments. Yes thats not justifies his phrase, its a bad thing to say.. There is someone in old clan that lost a friend with a canser. But goddam you insulted his mother (Please pass me this expression). Please guys, ask sorry both for first. Finish the grudge inside you. Staff wil discuss it.
  2. Call of duty 4 modern warfare version 1.7

    No we have servers only in 1.0 PS: i voted 1.7 hahahah sorry i'm noob
  3. forum The problems of the past week

    Take your time to fix this @Kevin.
  4. call of duty 4 Win a key for Battalion 1944

    @piko Nice mate ! Well done
  5. Battalion 1944 Beta Highlights

    Top ^^
  6. forum

    Because its normal, after several changes we done.. Its just a time issue
  7. ~Tme for truths~

    @Kola_Kid You need to record a video called "proof" when you ban someone.. Tell us why you didnt make it, and how many times you banned without any proofs.
  8. forum Forum options (Games)

    Top ^^
  9. HELLO

    Hi and welcome to our community !
  10. Battalion 1944 - Early Access Trailer 2018

    Subscribed to beta
  11. DW Servers under attack

    I don't think..
  12. DW Servers under attack

    No he isn't. I don't think Scott attack us. Say hi from me to him.
  13. Free