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  1. andreadb98

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    Thanks for this opportunity I'm joining with pleasure
  2. andreadb98

    forum New panel

    I meant something like "Staff" but i saw that you already put it Looks really cool Kev
  3. andreadb98

    forum New panel

    A rapid and amazing system to manage infos,clients, and hundreds more options in your profile. Perfection. Maybe you could implement the admin options like "admin 40 .." under "admin logs" voice. And a password system to log in when you are not on your pc, a system that recognize your forum level and credentials (when you logged in forum) and then automatically when you open Panel it takes the level from forum. Anyway sometimes it makes this error, Or i cant accede to infos. But maybe because its in Develop
  4. andreadb98

    forum Discord

    Thanks for Discord and for cmd's add.
  5. andreadb98

    Music Arena

  6. andreadb98

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    Top ^^
  7. @andreadb98 and all dw members and admins i cant download mappack why i dono 


    1. andreadb98


      Exactley, what's is your error ? Can you post a photo?

    2. Vicky


      @andreadb98 bro i downloaded  map pack but thanks for helping

  8. andreadb98


    Welcome to the forums !
  9. andreadb98

    forum New donation (eXe)

    Thank you a lot mate !
  10. andreadb98

    forum New donation (piko)

    Thanks @piko !
  11. andreadb98

    Guessing Your Age

    Funny But i'm bad at math so: 1998 it mine
  12. andreadb98

    -=DW=- Don

  13. andreadb98

    -=DW=- Don

  14. andreadb98

    call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    next time i'll be there
  15. andreadb98

    call of duty 4 A nuke? :)

    Add on all servers ^^