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  1. Reset stats & aliases

    Nice Job Kevin
  2. This Or That

    Soccer or American football??
  3. 8 Ball Pool

    I used to. But I got pissed at the fact that I always lost to someone. Oh and also all the annoying notifications, I couldn't stand them
  4. NEW

    Never heard of it bruf.
  5. ho play tank.io??

    I don't. But I know guys that do. :-)
  6. Hacker Alert

    I couldn't upload the video for some reasons. I don't know why it failed to upload. But anyways he's fast gone and I hope he doesn't show up
  7. admins

    Wait what? What am I reading? Like what? But why? I mean why would an Admin hack? Why would anyone ask such a question? Come on!!! I need to process this
  8. Scrim?

    Plus 1
  9. name.....

    Probably needed a new change and direction. (I guess) I like the new name and changes
  10. Discord

    So yeah guys, I finally decided to create a Discord account but apparently I don't know how to use it. But Ive got some questions: How do I add friends from this server on there? Can I connect this server with the discord account and how? Should any of you guys think of joining too, just create an account and let me know below your username so I can add you. ------Peace !!!------ OptimusPrime
  11. Forum Update

  12. Discord or Teamspeak?

    the last time I checked you had to pay 5 bucks for teamspeak on the App Store I don't know how you guys got it for 0 buck. Any secrets that I'm not aware off??
  13. Discord or Teamspeak?

    Hello everyone, so apparently there are two gaming chat apps that I know of and wondering if both are allowed on our servers or just one. Please let me know which one is more useful and compatible with the server.... But I hope its discord as I'm really reluctant to spend bucks. If you get what I'm saying ;) Peace! OptimusPrime
  14. Hey Guys. My Intro

    A warm "Welcome" from the leader of autobots. Have fun while you can,
  15. intro....

    Hello Sam and welcome to the family.