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  1. PIZZA

    no DW only CHEESE for now XD

    guys chill........ it was a joke i know i swore and i have all the respect for you guys and every other player i've played with and none of the swears i got noticed for was for other players most of them was when i had bad connection i got pissed of about lag or i quoted my insta id which contained a cuss word and i didnt write this post to offend anyone or whine about not being selected i just wrote this in a fun manner if anyone of you felt that way im extremely sorry for that but i had no intention to do that all i can do now is delete this post if its looking this bad to avoid further misunderstanding once again SORRY i dont mind personal PMing each one of you with an apology but just dont take my posts or messages for serious im a fun guy and all i want to do is have fun in a community while being friends with everyone and trying to make them laugh but i guess i was wrong to some extent im just Sorry thats all i can say
  2. PIZZA

    Asking for A Friend

    My Friend Says He's Pleased With The Answer And He's Thanking You
  3. PIZZA

    Asking for A Friend

    How Long Does It Usually Take For A Join Application To Be Reviewed ?
  4. PIZZA


    15th Post for the WIN
  5. PIZZA


    ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  6. PIZZA


    go away creep
  7. PIZZA


    @heroic i will never say that not even after death @wolfy we all know that about heroic @kevin thanks mate
  8. PIZZA


    waiting for the server to get back onliine like......
  9. PIZZA


    thanks guys
  10. PIZZA


    i am ranked 41 on top stats
  11. PIZZA

    Dj Khaled

    ill just post Another One as a topic everyday so i can complete my 15 topics
  12. PIZZA


    so........ 15 topics before i become a member
  13. PIZZA


    hey guys pizza here im wondering if any of you play Modern Warfare Remastered on STEAM if you do, do we have a clan there im thinking of buying the game