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    my intro :)

    hello all my name is adam and i am 20 years old ... and i am from England (but certainly i live in Egypt for family work and other stuff ) anyways ... i have been playing cod4 for 6 years and 4 months exactly :D but after alot of removing and reinstalling somehow i found this beautiful server from about 2 and half years (maybe 3 ) .... i was a kido by then :D so i just played on it and not from a long time (maybe a year )i registered .... this was just my history SO ... here i started to know some good men in this server who are really kind and helpful (like Optimus , Bias , good night , uzb(along time ago ) , greek , spooky , .. etc ) so i really loved the idea to become more related to u guys and i wish i will :D i really appreciate your hard work and helping to develope the servers more and more and i wish u all good luck <3 Best wishes <3