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  1. Unicorn man!!!

  2. This video is for u kevin ^^

    omg that's so fast
  3. My monster Yamaha

    love it
  4. Menu Graphics

    that's cool O_O
  5. song of the day

    Enrique Iglesias - SUBEME LA RADIO (Official Video) ft. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox
  6. song of the day

    Enrique Iglesias - Bailando (Español) ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona
  7. what is your fav weapon in codmw4

    ak47 or any sniper rifle
  8. favourite server

    CF HC
  9. LOL

    you start noving like a baby XD
  10. CoD4 Graphic

    it's way worse than that
  11. lOl but thrue :/

    and i hate those trade kills