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  1. ABigHairyScotsman

    old settings vs new settings

    Is there a chance of the old settings being reinstalled?
  2. ABigHairyScotsman

    old settings vs new settings

    Just voted for old settings. Asyou may have seen (or rather not seen), I haven't been in game for a while as I don't like the new FFA settings. Underpowered guns, useless perks and far, far too busy to enjoy. Don't get me wrong, it's great that the server is busy but I think the numbers should be limited to 20- 25, even if that means 2 FFA servers. Any more than 25 and it's just a spawn kill fest. I know DW are trying to evolve and my views don't count for much but I thought you should know the reason.
  3. ABigHairyScotsman

    call of duty 4 Restrict numbers

    Any chance of restricting numbers on the FFA server to about 25 - 30ish? Anymore than that and it just becomes a spawn rape fest.
  4. ABigHairyScotsman


    Have you got a server on Battalion yet?
  5. ABigHairyScotsman

    call of duty 4 Restrict numbers

    Any admin??????
  6. ABigHairyScotsman

    Forum bug?

    I tried to reply to Mongchaws reply to my question in the post great to see FFA server back but I am unable to. Nothing happens when I hit the "quote" or the "reply" buttons. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug in the forum? Has happened on a few other occasions too, (and NO this isn't spam either.)
  7. We actually did not reply as this was obviously a spam post.


    I can assure you I don't spam forums.  It was a genuine question.

  8. ABigHairyScotsman

    great to see FFA server back

    Great to see FFA server back but it looks like the guns have been down powered again. Is that right?
  9. ABigHairyScotsman

    great to see FFA server back

    No answer?
  10. ABigHairyScotsman

    DW Servers under attack

    Any time scale for the other servers coming back on-line?
  11. ABigHairyScotsman

    servers are messed up

    Wasn't being impatient but merely responding to IAV4Ks request.
  12. ABigHairyScotsman

    servers are messed up

    Just getting "Awaiting connection" and count-up on FFA server 1645 UK time
  13. ABigHairyScotsman

    My Finger :'(

    Only a flesh wound
  14. ABigHairyScotsman


    Get your own copy of the game.
  15. ABigHairyScotsman


    Don't mean to sound like an ungrateful moaner but the FFA server is terrible these days. (don't know if the others are as bad as I only play FFA). I really appreciate the time that the admins put in to running the servers but unfortunately there are a couple of problems that I can see. 1. It is VERY, VERY laggy, especially when there are 20+ players on-line. 2. My weapon of choice the RPD LMG seems to be lower powered than it used to be. It takes many more hits to kill than it used to. 3. With Martydom disabled, people are able to hide behind spawn spots and spawn kill with no retribution, ie they're not killed by your marty. 4. I like the extra in-game perks, eg predator, care package etc. (so it's not all negative comment). 5. The game just doesn't seem as "sharp" as it was before. I can't put my finger on the reason but assume it's because of the lag. As I said at the start I really appreciate the time that the admins put in to running the servers but in my humble opinion the server is going backwards and losing its appeal. Sorry for the negative post but I am trying to be honest with you in the hope that DW will become THE best server again. ABigHairyScotsman
  16. ABigHairyScotsman


    Server back to normal (almost) and I think I've fixed my lag problem......... Christmas has indeed come early. Thanks for responding to my op Kevin.
  17. ABigHairyScotsman


    Thank you Kevin. But be prepared for others moaning that it has been returned to old settings Lol
  18. ABigHairyScotsman

    Gun power

    Has the power of certain guns been downgraded? It seems in FFA that it takes more hits for a kill these days. Also is marty off for good?
  19. ABigHairyScotsman

    Gun power

    I seem to be the one easy to kill. lol
  20. ABigHairyScotsman

    Gun power

    Any admin able to answer the query?
  21. ABigHairyScotsman

    kill cam

    No killcam. If you have a good sniping spot it gives you away to the enemy (unless it is last kill only killcam)
  22. ABigHairyScotsman

    Change of Forum name

    Hi, I've taken this opportunity to revert back to my original full name. HairyScot
  23. ABigHairyScotsman


  24. ABigHairyScotsman


    Hi, I've registered on here and clicked the button on the right but I still get told I don't have permission to use !stats? Eta: Typical it worked this time.
  25. ABigHairyScotsman

    what does !fps do

    What does the command !fps actually do and what are the pros & cons of it?