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  1. Gun power

    I seem to be the one easy to kill. lol
  2. Gun power

    Any admin able to answer the query?
  3. Gun power

    Has the power of certain guns been downgraded? It seems in FFA that it takes more hits for a kill these days. Also is marty off for good?
  4. kill cam

    No killcam. If you have a good sniping spot it gives you away to the enemy (unless it is last kill only killcam)
  5. lag

  6. stats

    Hi, I've registered on here and clicked the button on the right but I still get told I don't have permission to use !stats? Eta: Typical it worked this time.
  7. Its better to know you

    One guess
  8. what does !fps do

    Thanks for the info. looks like back in the old Medal of Honor days
  9. what does !fps do

    What does the command !fps actually do and what are the pros & cons of it?
  10. You guys choud seriously think about adding this!

    Don't agree with the Nuke option but care packages would be good.
  11. Change of Forum name

    Hi, I've taken this opportunity to revert back to my original full name. HairyScot