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  1. why midcore?

  2. why midcore?

    Okay oh i was the guy that told him the midcore bug
  3. why midcore?

    Nope either all of us are hypnotized or the changes has affect the health brother
  4. why midcore?

    The servers are kinda like sf Cf but the bullets more bullets are taken to kill a player..
  5. Zombie Server

    IP and port number reply me fast brother....
  6. more health added?

    Its a slight bug that kev is going to fix today at maintenance
  7. more health added?

    Mid core mate
  8. Maintenance

    Im studying don't disturb with so many notifications Slightly_Smiling_Face_Emoji_Icon_42x42
  9. idea for prestige

    Yup wont it be cool to see !!!
  10. idea for prestige

    Is it possible to make an emblem?? when someone kills you it shows 'You were killed by DW|Kevinos" Is it possible to make an emblem that was made by the person that killed me.?
  11. Language Prefrences

    Well as @DoN said in his post some of our forum user don't know english as some of our users are from some pretty damn places like Russia and Spain =. SO if a language option was added that might help our users and it can save a lot of time to the Admins and Advance users like me to help someone !!! Im just saying i dont know about you guys
  12. Zombie Server (upgrade)

    what about a nuketown map like the new map ???
  13. movies