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  1. kill cam

    man kill cam was love...
  2. Maintenance

    thanks for telling..
  3. My skill

    man its good to have high skill..but now i have fear that my skill dont go down..high skill dont rocks..low skill rocks....
  4. My skill

    lol my skill is again going down
  5. My skill

    My skill is 1739...and im not lieing...u can see it in top stats...
  6. Join clan

    thx bro
  7. New comands !regfps & !regfov

    thx..its useful...and cool....
  8. New options and corrections.

    DW will make cod4 great.
  9. Join clan

    any1 accept it plzz
  10. Crazy Suggestion!!

    Nice idea BTW...
  11. Join clan

    Name:Abdul Age:13 Location:Pakistan Steam Username: Game Information:[PH]FNATIC Current Games:Cod4 Ingame Nickname:[PH]FNATIC Guid: Current Server: Personal Information:(Secret).I am a NICE person Why do you want to join -=DW=-?:It is fun to play with u guyzz.. What do you think bring us, by joining -=DW=-?:because DW is the coolest Have you ever been a part of a clan before?:No. Additional Information: I want to help others and be pro.. I hope you will make me member. Best Regards, FNATIC Accept it..thx
  12. IM 13....

  13. IM 13....

    guyzzz im another person and goodnight is another person...plzzzzz..and my gaming name is [PH]FNATIC
  14. IM 13....

    y u all are saying that im not in the gaming list...admiral u didnt see me play in search and destroy...???
  15. IM 13....