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  1. I think this has come to @Kevins attention lets just be patient i'm sure he will fix it..
  2. Expect the Unexpected

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    2. OUCH


      @Trauma hangang ngayon ahhh..:Flushed:

    3. OUCH


      @Police if we didnt expect it then its a shocking surprise..:p

    4. Police
  3. Me too bro I want the money! and i think my wife will allow me to bill gates daughter..i mean bill gates money.
  4. different nationalities, countries, religion etc.. glad to say despite all our differences we 

    1. Police



    2. OUCH


      Isn't it wonderful that because of FUN we all tend to blend here in our community..

  5. I have been to: Dubai,Egypt,Australia,Singapore,Los Angeles,Panama,Peru,Mexico,El Salvador,Guatemala,Somalia..;)

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    2. OUCH


      Never been there yet Heroic but if I could be given a chance I will be glad to visit Pakistan. The PAKISTAN Army is popular I' ve some of their videos..;)

    3. OUCH


      @Uzbek when opportunity come that i could come to your place it would be great bro.

    4. Heroic


      thankx @OUCH and it is the strongest to ;)

  6. I'm a noob and i love (.)(.) :haha:

    Anyone else please step forward and say dadaxD

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    2. OUCH


      dada is a language of a baby or infant who wants milk..xD

    3. SniperWolf23


      du du da da xD 

    4. ZAIN
  7. Why watch porn if you could be a porn star.. I remember in my past life i was a pornstar
  8. Hello there

    Welcome to our forums Bullseye have fun...
  9. What about kawasaki z 750 ?

    Go go go bro it looks nice and cool. And it will look even better if you are the one driving it..
  10. Still hoping the past to come back like friends from our past clan/forums are here. Playing with our friends from before is so much fun...

    Nice to have played with you guys...:amrightbro:


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    2. SniperWolf23


      I am still a DW member bro and I am only sometimes active on the forum probably for a few days or even next month I am coming back to COD



      If i don't play with my friends i don't play at all its enjoyable playing with friends


    4. ZAIN


      yeah night :love:

  11. I'm proud of you guys.. all your efforts and sacrifices in keeping our servers worth it :Top^^:

    @Ninja@IAV4K@DoN@DucK and @andreadb98 congrats!

    I shall call you REDS :d

    1. -=DW=-Cpt Wish

      -=DW=-Cpt Wish

      they are very hard worker no doubt



      ye they work very hard

    3. IAV4K


      Thank you Ouch-imoustron

  12. Introduction- Reaper

    Welcome to our forums where things are interesting..
  13. Bedtime:zZz:

    I will dream horror...:Ghost:


  14. Introduction - Trauma

    you pogi bro and i'm sobrang gwapo..
  15. Introduction - Trauma

    It should be: Tigilan ang pakikipag-usap sa wikang filipino...
  16. Introduction - Trauma

    @MONGCHAW trauma is half filipino bro.. P.S nice translation from google...
  17. Introduction - Trauma

    Maligayang pagsali dito sa ating forum LBM este xplosivediarhea hahaha sali kna rin sa clan pare....
  18. call of duty 4 Wolfy Demoted.

    Wolfy, you could have think of the outcome of your actions its sad to hear this happen but were all humans and make mistakes.. May this serve as a big lesson to everyone..
  19. Break!

    Just focus on your study my friend were just here...
  20. call of duty 4 B3 and other options

    Good suggestion my friend @IrishThug. We cant deny that most hackers/violators play their evil skills when b3 is down... P.S i know most of the senior guys here who work hard. so masters kick em all the (hackers/jackers)
  21. Nostalgia

    Guys in my point of view scott and kev are both the greatest minds way back @ A R 5 1. Why scott resigned.. IDK but if I could be given 1 wish to be granted... i wish to bring back what was before and i'm sure our clan is the best and fun for everyone.. may a little twist come to this two creative minds...
  22. Hi

    Welcome to our forums
  23. plz wake up my boiii

    Yup too many had been abusively wear our clantags... its sure is when the cat is away the mouse plays...
  24. ~Tme for truths~

    And he is one of the good guys here ingame/server i salute @IrishThuG for a good opinion..
  25. Amalcamus Intro

    I'm 36 the ages when guys like us are hot... Welcome to our forums..