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  1. M82 BARRET .50 CAL

    Gonna buy ten of these Barret .50 cal and i'll let you borrow one to make a selfie... haha Good work bro..
  2. my intro

    Welcome to our forums if you love to camp then were friends... lol

    Barret .50cal for me...
  4. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to our forums! Enjoy...

    Nice one brother its an educating post..
  6. Our future

    Sir Kevin I dont see FFA on the server lists. Only S&D and HARDCORE CROSSFIRE appears....
  7. Our future

    I dont have steam and i'm a solid COD4 supporter.. hardcore crossfire and ffa is my game so im happy to stick around..
  8. Happy New Year.

    happy new year too Kev may you be blessed and everyone else here in our community...
  9. DW Servers under attack

    Jealousy + envy = hate This scambags hate our servers for being the best thats why they attacked us..
  10. abuse towards the admins

    I remember the days when i was always present @ FFA and getting the top score 5-6x straight some players tend to insult me at first i was upset but i tell them to practice/play more to achieve victory. and when they call me a hacker i thank them and dare them to record my gameplay and file a ban request... Keep in mind guys our staff is doing their job to make our server fit.. And those who argue with our rules are the ones who cant accept defeat(positive)/losers(negative)
  11. My (2nd) Intro!

    Roman! GL bro.... you are one of my friends way back at dw and one of the reason y I joind this clan and community..
  12. Merry Christmas.

    Been here almost 2yrs and its merry god speed KEV! may all the wishes of our brothers be granted. Keep safe everyone...
  13. Admiral (Banned)

    Thumbs up to you guys for a clever job done.. keep it up!