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  1. Break!

    Just focus on your study my friend were just here...
  2. call of duty 4 B3 and other options

    Good suggestion my friend @IrishThug. We cant deny that most hackers/violators play their evil skills when b3 is down... P.S i know most of the senior guys here who work hard. so masters kick em all the (hackers/jackers)
  3. Nostalgia

    Guys in my point of view scott and kev are both the greatest minds way back @ A R 5 1. Why scott resigned.. IDK but if I could be given 1 wish to be granted... i wish to bring back what was before and i'm sure our clan is the best and fun for everyone.. may a little twist come to this two creative minds...
  4. Hi

    Welcome to our forums
  5. plz wake up my boiii

    Yup too many had been abusively wear our clantags... its sure is when the cat is away the mouse plays...
  6. ~Tme for truths~

    And he is one of the good guys here ingame/server i salute @IrishThuG for a good opinion..
  7. Amalcamus Intro

    I'm 36 the ages when guys like us are hot... Welcome to our forums..
  8. I wanna play but my kids wont let me.. ahhh....:electric:



      Well ur kids are more important than the game 

    2. ĦεяØι¢


      goodnight is also ur kid xD

  9. top 10!!!

    Its die laughing bro..
  10. top 10!!!

    I am top 1 on the worst ping
  11. I wanna play now despite my turtle speed internet..xD

  12. hello!

    Welcome to our forums.
  13. M82 BARRET .50 CAL

    Gonna buy ten of these Barret .50 cal and i'll let you borrow one to make a selfie... haha Good work bro..
  14. my intro

    Welcome to our forums if you love to camp then were friends... lol