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    Friendly killer
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Call of Duty 4

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    Barret .50 cal & RPD
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    music,places,foods,booze and GIRLS

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  1. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums and enjoy
  2. Intro

    Welcome to the community Agustin... I think your birthday is in the month of August..
  3. I'm Rebel

    Welcome Rebel! Enjoy your stay...
  4. Introduction

    Welcome to the community Akshay see you around...
  5. cod4 Why You Play CoD4?

    @Police 36 to be precise now i know my age bro but i still feel like early 20's...
  6. cod4 Why You Play CoD4?

    @Police 36 to be precise now i know my age bro but i still feel like early 20's...
  7. cod4 Why You Play CoD4?

    @Police,@Robinson forgive me guys my bad i mean 2007 starded playing COD4. and now I' m not sure how old i am bu i remember i was born 1981..
  8. cod4 Why You Play CoD4?

    I first played this game on my cousins pc when i was 17 years old now i'm already 35 and i'm still loving it oh yeah..
  9. rain,rain dont go away to cool down the day..

  10. Intoduction : KING LION

    Welcome to our forums KING LION. dont worry I'm 36 and I still play so i wont get old.
  11. My Introduction

    Welcome to our forums Rana. Be good as everything here is being observed. I know you're interested to join our clan.
  12. Miss y'all

    Absolutely he will bro..
  13. The admin Newt is bad

    Bueno senior! Well said
  14. The admin Newt is bad

    Then its worth the warning. Offending language or rather disrespectful acts is not tolerable thats why warnings are given its in the our rules and must be implied. Without rules/law there will be no order. i myself had experienced this kind of act, got insulted used offensive language by a forum user in our chatbox and i really got pissed. Remember that our admins are just doing their duties. When they ban or warn somebody, they have basis. ITS OBEY BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN NOT COMPLAIN THEN OBEY..
  15. My new profile pic... isn't it cool guys..

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    2. OUCH


      @pascal yeah bro its the real me..

    3. OUCH


      @FNATIC yep i cleaned it bro 1911 cal.45.. toys 4 big boys :fiù:

    4. Police


      @OUCH You look dope bruh!!!!!