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  1. Hi I'm RONNIE

    Welcome to our forums Ronnie. Enjoy our community.
  2. Music Arena

  3. =DW= MEMBER

    You are a forum member bro not a clan member. If you want to be a clan member so you can wear our clan tags check out the RECRUITMENT OPEN. if you meet the requirements then u can apply..
  4. Joining our clan

    RHUM bro I drink RHUM..yum yum and it burns the throat giving me a good night sleep like a baby..
  5. Joining our clan

    @Ninja thank for my post m the right spot bro... youre the man!
  6. Hi

    Welcome to our forums bro see you in game.
  7. Joining our clan

    I was drunk last night posted it at the wrong spot...
  8. Joining our clan

    Guys to all of you that applied for our clan I wanna share you my experience coz as I have noticed mostly the applicants are in a hurry when they will be accepted. My advice is take your time exploring our forums and be active, treat everyone equal despite our differences,be patient and most importantly be true to yourself..
  9. I missed playing with @Trauma:p

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    2. Trauma


      Aww @OUCH I miss playing with you too! :d nagkakasalisihan lang ata tayo! anong oras ka ba naglalaro diyan?

      @GOODNIGHT nobody likes  getting killed by claymores but they are part of the game unfortunately.

      @ZAIN such a nice statement. Thank you for that :shiny:

    3. OUCH


      @Trauma laro ako mamayang gabi.. 8pm. Add me on fb msgr Ran Dy De Tera :*

    4. ZAIN


      my pleasure trauma:pretty:

  10. I think this has come to @Kevins attention lets just be patient i'm sure he will fix it..
  11. Expect the Unexpected

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    2. OUCH


      @Trauma hangang ngayon ahhh..:Flushed:

    3. OUCH


      @Police if we didnt expect it then its a shocking surprise..:p

    4. Police
  12. Me too bro I want the money! and i think my wife will allow me to bill gates daughter..i mean bill gates money.
  13. different nationalities, countries, religion etc.. glad to say despite all our differences we 

    1. Police



    2. OUCH


      Isn't it wonderful that because of FUN we all tend to blend here in our community..

  14. I have been to: Dubai,Egypt,Australia,Singapore,Los Angeles,Panama,Peru,Mexico,El Salvador,Guatemala,Somalia..;)

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    2. OUCH


      Never been there yet Heroic but if I could be given a chance I will be glad to visit Pakistan. The PAKISTAN Army is popular I' ve some of their videos..;)

    3. OUCH


      @Uzbek when opportunity come that i could come to your place it would be great bro.

    4. Heroic


      thankx @OUCH and it is the strongest to ;)

  15. I'm a noob and i love (.)(.) :haha:

    Anyone else please step forward and say dadaxD

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    2. OUCH


      dada is a language of a baby or infant who wants milk..xD

    3. SniperWolf23


      du du da da xD 

    4. ZAIN


      hahah ok ouch