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  1. OUCH

    pls stop this!!!

    May this issue be addressed accordingly... as the credibility of the admins is concerned...
  2. as always mad skills of a pro.. p.s. @DucK don't kill me if we meet in our servers..
  3. OUCH

    Happy birthday

    Better late than never.. happy beerday bro
  4. OUCH

    I had nothing to do so I did that :D

    Whoa @DucK amazing gameplay bro. How i wish i got mad skills like yours..
  5. OUCH


    I see you're a friend of wolfy. Welcome to our forums Dynamic Uno enjoy your stay..
  6. OUCH

    call of duty 4 A new server!

    Yup and a good friend too..
  7. OUCH

    forum New panel

    Great work Kevin with the weapon stats
  8. OUCH

    check out mah bloody assisstance ! xD

    You didn't see mine?...
  9. OUCH

    my sniper skills

    Hmmmm i'm not telling you my sniper skill guys...
  10. OUCH


    Good day guys, as we all can see FACEBOOK now a day's is a necessity of our daily lives, so I have made this poll to find out if we want how many of us wants it and if we can make it materialize.
  11. OUCH

    look behind

    Lol i remember my old days when i first played the game

    Life is not perfect nor permanent so live life as if it was our last minute.

    1. Trauma


      Pucha tol ang lalim nun ah :d

    2. OUCH


      Iba na tlaga ang takbo ng utak pag lasing..xD

    3. KashanRaider


      life is temporary 

  13. OUCH

    #Facts 0.3

    Oh great! Its Larry... He's not an ANGRY BIRD...
  14. OUCH

    Confest of me lying.

    Duckraidz accepting your fault is good enough. You deserve a forgiveness and a chance too. Just keep in mind to be true primarily to yourself. We are a family here since A R 5 1 Apologies accepted