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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Hello, welcome to the forums.
  2. Please Make me DW

    You have you apply for membership like everyone else. Read this: Meet the requirements, then make an application. Be active and friendly and I’m sure you’ll get along fine. Goodluck. Guidelines: You should be at least 16 years to be recruited You should introduce yourself in the introduction section You should have written at least 15 posts (not in a row) You shall have more than 14 days of presence on our forum Do not ask to become an admin
  3. Hello

    Goodluck have fun
  4. Hello DW

    Welcome to the forums
  5. My Back ground

    Welcome to the forums
  6. Your best high score.

    My best was like, 60/1, or 80/1, between those two points. (It was along time ago but I’ve never taken a pic of my scores) : p (it was on HC cross I believe.)

    I’ll still be playing cod4, as most of us probably will.
  8. Help me, I will never do it please

    There it is. He was lagging a lot unfortunately, tried to get as much evidence as I could but I didn't have much more time before I needed to leave. (like 9 people or something tried to notice him over the last map but when I LT’d him he was “level 3 FpsFov” so they couldn’t, some of our members asked me to watch him also.) Multiple points of the video caught my eye. If you don't see anything that's what appeals and second opinions are for. Nice choice of words by the way, Wark.
  9. my intro

    Welcome to the forums
  10. dF| kenz Intro

    Welcome to our forums
  11. Confusing Intro

    Welcome back to the forums : )
  12. It's me...))

    Welcome to the forum
  13. abuse towards the admins

    Them calling you names, like you said, is breaking rule 4. Rule #4: No abusive behavior towards admins or other players They say this stuff to me too sometimes but I just blow it off, if they make a big deal and call me a hacker etc it just means I’m better than them. But anyway you can warn them for either rule 4 or just warn them without a reason (example: just type !w Segria.) and it will say “Warning: Segria. BEHAVE YOURSELF!” So if they get real annoying, vulgar or abusive you can give them a warning. Nobody gets to tell you how to do your job besides a HA or above, so if they try to tell you how to ban someone then just ignore them or say “I know how to do my job.” and if they argue with you about it that’s also against the rules. Rule #3: No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave
  14. Hellu Forums!

    Welcome to the new forums
  15. My Finger :'(

    It will heal given time so that you will be able to use that finger again. (My grandfather cut off half his thumb on a table saw) Noob hunting can wait, get better soon.
  16. DW merry christmas!!

    Merry Christmas:)
  17. My (2nd) Intro!

    Welcome back to the forums
  18. Merry Christmas.

    I wish you @Kevin and all of -=DW=- a merry Christmas. Thank you you for all the work you have put into this community and these servers.
  19. Fortnite

    Rules of Survival is mobile and PC. Never tried fortnite, no.
  20. Fortnite

    I play league of legends.
  21. Fortnite

    I play Rules of Survival. Same style of game.
  22. DW

    Spamming posts isn’t what you’re supposed to do. The 15 post rule is because we want our members to be active on our forums, if you are active on the forums you will get to 15 posts without needing to spam. Please dont spam posts.
  23. Hacker Alert

    This topic was already discussed here it could be abused very easily so most everyone voted no. Unfortunately admins aren’t always available, if there is a hacker use a screen recording software, such as bandicam, to record them for a minute or two and get enough evidence to pin them towards a hack. Post it to YouTube or something and then make a ban request, if he is hacking he will be banned.
  24. Boy or Girl?

    “his name”
  25. Boy or Girl?

    eXe sexy? This is fake news.