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  1. had grenades been nerfed in cod4?

    Before we switched mods(to the same one as HCB) you NEVER(at least I never did) got hit markers with grenades. Either: The grenade explosion radius is a little bigger but not the max damage radius so that it can hit you at that max range but not quite kill you. The grenade max damage radius is smaller. You have a little more health. Any of these is possible. However, grenade spam/throwing blind/random grenades is a low-skill and/or noobish way to get kills in my opinion so I don’t mind that they have been “nerfed” but that’s just me.
  2. Hi There!

    Welcome to the forums
  3. Music Arena

    not a music “video” but it’s a good song.
  4. Battalion

    I believe it’s on steam.
  5. Introduction- Reaper

    Welcome to the forums
  6. Introduction - Trauma

    welcome to the forums
  7. Hellu

    Welcome to the new forums
  8. So I’ve recently noticed that three of our usual commands are not functioning, !Class !Prestige and !Tonline are all “false commands.” Were they removed or simply broken right now? There may be others that are also broken but I’ve only noticed these three.
  9. if i buy.

    If you use the same key code then yes. The key code is you/your account, of course since your profile/progress is stored on the game files in your computer if you uninstall/reinstall without backups then your profiles will be erased so you’ll be level 1 again and have no challenges complete etc but your GUID will be the same and therefore you’re still a member.
  10. Kick

    Si solo te patearon, simplemente puedes volver a unirte de inmediato, si desafortunadamente fuiste expulsado, entonces necesitaremos tu GUID para ayudarte. Estos temas lo ayudarán a encontrar su GUID.
  11. Hello ,

    Hey, welcome to the forums.
  12. Nostalgia

    He resigned from ownership and gave it over to Kevin, he now runs his own servers on v1.7 known as Sector X [sX]
  13. forum The problems of the past week

    It’s alright, you tried to do something good but problems arose. People can deal with the b3 being down for a few days. Thank you for what you do and for fixing some of these problems. <3
  14. Boredom

    Watch Tokyo Ghoul and/or read the manga.
  15. Let's Admit It .

    I don’t like picking favorites but I like to play with anyone who isn’t good enough to kill me, I’m looking at you @IAV4K and @DoN, so basically I don’t like playing with anyone.