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  1. Loud is here

    Welcome to the forum
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  3. Hi whats up

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  4. I will be AFK

    Hope everything goes well for you, cya when you get back.
  5. my intro <3

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  7. my ban You were banned for: Warn limit exceeded (3): Rule #8: No profanity or offensive language (in any language) the ban will expire 24 hours after It was added. Tue, 05/12/17 (12:48)
  8. PIZZA

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  9. what is your fav weapon in codmw4

    Same as you, M40A3, other than that probably MP44
  10. This is for the RA HA SA <3

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  11. IM 13....

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  12. Glitches..

    When I asked some of our older head admins about glitching, like Scott and Wolf, they said that those spots are glitching. Along with others not included here. They described gltiching as any spot that isn’t accessible to any new player of the map(for example, if someone has never played ambush they obviously wouldn’t know of the glitch on those buildings, they wouldn’t think to look there or know how to access it themselves.) Any spot that makes a player harder to kill and/or gives them any form of advantage. AKA if there isn’t a door ladder or stairs to get there it is a glitch. (You know what I mean) I’ve always held my opinion of glitching to this. I don’t know how Kevin or Dusty’s opinions relate to this but I was told when I returned that no rules have changed. So I try my best to keep players from using those spots.
  13. Jeff

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  15. Discord or Teamspeak?

    TeamSpeak is linked here on our forum but something like Discord would work too, you’d just need to find people to join a call with you. I also have discord but I downloaded TeamSpeak because it’s the one that is used more often here.