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    Happy birthday! @GOODNIGHT
  3. This is because you did not join an MN server, you joined a bugged/fake server called NM. It messes with your game files and screws everything up. Firstly it disables your console, you need to turn it back on in your settings. It also changed your FPS to 1 frame per second, type in console /com_maxfps 250 (or whatever FPS you use) then it also changed you to windowed mode? Switch the game back to full screen by typing in console /r_fullscreen 1 then type /vid_resart. It also changed your sensitivity in your console, change that back to default by typing /sensitivity 5. It also changed some other things like making your looking up and down very slow which I’m not sure how to fix at the moment. You can also just run the game in administer mode and create a new profile to avoid these issues. Make sure you do not join an NM server again. Be sure it is actually a legit server. If you play on a server often then favorite it. That way if a fake server comes you can still play on the right one. Reinstalling the game should also fix all this
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    call of duty 4 Toxic Behaviour

    “Rule #4: No abusive behavior towards admins or other players” is against toxicity but not against calling “hacks” or “noob,” that’s just being childish. If you think someone is being abusive then you can take screenshots and post a ban request. (Make sure to provide their GUID or B3 ID)
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