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Call of Duty 4

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  1. Kingawer

    Reset stats & aliases

    GooD work kevin
  2. Kingawer


    welcome jeff †
  3. thank you all for giving me a good welcome
  4. o a problem like game in cyber sends me the prison I do not know because if I do not do anything to be in psicion
  5. Kingawer

    hack & bug .

    apologies more vader did not understand, every time they use hack are forbidden to re-enter have to pay the fine, I understand clearly what I'm saying is a lot of data qsl and servers. and you have a very bad security that is never completely safe if it is piracy or etc., just accuse Viedes where you do not notice anything. I know very well what I'm telling you, friend
  6. Kingawer

    Unicorn man!!!

  7. Kingawer

    hack & bug .

    hello all apologize if it takes a few minutes to read this, because instead of giving jail hackers do not give destroy and pay real money, to return to sevirdor, would be a great help and a monetary contribution to the server for keep it, better the antihack of the server since it is osoleto, because I have put to provar many things but things have bug, you can enter hack and ban without reason, just for say! n wh xxxx. not the server in my regret deveria have a very good quality protection and there are people who donate, have adm active 24/7 or moderators who are responsible 1 ejmplo a day md exe, segria, duck asi 24/7. so do not open so much hack in server that of the jail and I remain oxoleto and only you change in key you go back in, I would give a big help to the server because I know a lot of these things. thank you very much for your attention .
  8. hi everyone I introduce myself I am kingawer a very good player of cod4 I hope to please you this is all thanks ♥ I love you all