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  1. my ban

    Next time make an appeal here: http://dwarea.com/forum/31-ban-appeals/ Closed.
  2. My intro

    Hello there, welcome to the forum! :)
  3. intro....

    Hey Sam, welcome to the forum! :)
  4. Welcome to the forum! :)
  5. Vote to kick option!

  6. Vote to kick option!

    This has been discussed many many times, it could be abused easily so we are not gonna allow this on our servers.
  7. Hey Guys. My Intro

    Welcome to the forum! :)
  8. its me general aladeen

    Done. :) Closed.
  9. dreamland watertown name comes from

    We wanted to pick a name that has something in common with our old forum. Google it and you will see.
  10. A new bug

    It will be fixed soon. Closed.
  11. Dear Users, When making an appeal, please use the following format: In-Game name when banned: Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): Server: Ban Length/Time Remaining: Why should you be unbanned: If you don't have essential information about the original request: PLEASE DO NOT POST COMMENTS HERE! Our concerned Staff will proceed as soon as possible at the review of your request. Best Regards, Dusty