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  1. final death chamber in search and destroy

    he means that the round killcam
  2. -=DW=- Zombie Intro

    lol this server does show up on my list
  3. spidey

    everybody spidey is my little brother forgot to tell !!!
  4. MWR

    don't know
  5. spidey

    wow another one from pakistan yaaaay!!! Pakistani's r taking over
  6. spidey

    hey! spidey and welcome in the forum! hoping to see u in-game!
  7. IKRAM

    welcome to the forum bro need any help pm me without any hesitation
  8. kill cam

    yeah it was my life !
  9. Questions

    lol if they dont reply it doesn't means that they r ignoring u u know they can be busy
  10. Maintenance

    thankx for telling !
  11. my intro <3

    ok thankx @Zero :3
  12. Forum App for Android

    nice job @MONGCHAW
  13. Change of Forum name

    welcome to the forum and enjoy
  14. Hi whats up

    lol ur pro xD anyways welcome bro enjoy and if u need any help ask right away
  15. My skill

    haha xD

    nah!! never heard of it
  17. My skill

    yeah lol skillx goes down anyways
  18. NEW

  19. Badges

    nice designs btw @IAV4K nice work done
  20. users

    I am so glad to say that there are almost 500 forum users here what a milestone achieved by DW special thankx to @Kevin and @dusty and all otherx adminx
  21. Join clan

    good luck and add ur guid plx
  22. "Respect" does come by age but,

    u have to earn it by ur behaviour :)

  23. How to get fps & fov

    yeah thats helpful to otherx i guess -Heroic "Respect" does come by age but u have to earn it by ur behaviour
  24. I will be AFK

    all the best buddy see u soon @DAS
  25. For Those who need..

    yea! don nice idea dude -HEROIC "Attitude" a little thing that makes a big difference