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  1. admin

    hey guys there is a gltch that kashanrider is automatically made rookie admin! do something to confirm that i made him kick my friend in-game it worked so plx do somethingg! @IAV4K @DoN @Kevin
  2. Type of BR

    wow then i would have 50+br's
  3. admin

    i can do anything for DW and welcome...it was my duty(call of duty)
  4. CoD-

  5. How to account creator please help

    yes bro tell!
  6. I love COD4 <3 <3

  7. Hello ,

    welcome to the forums! enjoy ur stay need any help pm me
  8. dw tags

    yeah i see many some say it is a glitch!
  9. Ping issues

  10. hey guys, add me on steam!

    heroic_112    ;)

    and don't forget to send a gift card xD jk^^

  11. Prestige

  12. Ping issues

    this happens when ur broadband is slow or when b3 comes online my ping also goes bad
  13. Nostalgia

    y he left !
  14. Nostalgia

    scottsmudger was owner!
  15. My steam.

    mine is heroic_112 add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198812841707/
  16. Hi

    @tizyo anytime
  17. what god mod looks like in mp

  18. Sniping Guide

    M4oA3 with deagle with bandolier,stopping power(increases ur chance of 1 shot 1 kill) iron lungs
  19. forum The problems of the past week

    B3 is still down ^^
  20. lag

    lol really^^
  21. lag

    hey guys since last night the servers are giving me 500+ ping, it was fine yesterday any solutions!
  22. lag

    ok the lag is quite less now^^