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  1. ~i'm the one no need,

    a gun to get respect xD

  2. ~for every struggle u have faced in ur life

    they have shaped you the person today u are,

    be thankful to the hard times;

    they can only make u stronger :)

  3. If the world is against Pakistan,

    then i'm against the world :)

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    2. SpOoKy


      I  agree :d

    3. -=DW=-Cpt Wish

      -=DW=-Cpt Wish

      yeah i love my country Pakistan everybody should love his country peace

    4. Heroic
  4. I love you :heart::cute: mah friend!

  5. I need more bro's/fans like u :d

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    2. Heroic


      same    i'm 18 and u?

    3. ROnNiE
    4. ROnNiE


      If i say that correctly I'm now 19 years 9 month 11 days !!! :d:d

  6. ~Thank u all for 40+ followers!! xD

    1. Heroic


      any of my fans here to say welcome?? :d

    2. ROnNiE
    3. Heroic
  7. "Life would be tragic,

    if it wasn't funny"..

    -Stephen Hawking RIP


  8. -Heroes are ordinary people(me),

    who make themselves extra-ordinary.

  9. i have crush on her too :heart:


  10. Thank u all for 3K profile views!!!!

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    2. Heroic


      @Saqlain khan u wanna change ur name right

      see @DoN

    3. ZAIN


      yes i want to 

    4. ZAIN


      tnx heroic don helped me tnx alot u and don

  11. -Every struggle in your life has shaped you into,

    the person you are today,

                                              Be Thankful.

    for the hard times 

                                           they only make you stronger ;)

  12. Thank u guys!

    for letting me win 20 days :*

  13. hey alfa :d

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    2. Heroic


      ur alfa or ur daughter is alfa?

    3. kagan


      his badgirl but using my acc


    4. Heroic
  14. hey guys, add me on steam!

    heroic_112    ;)

    and don't forget to send a gift card xD jk^^

  15. thank u all for 2000+ profile views!

    waiting for my award ^^ ;)

  16. Lol do something about b3, beacuse there are many hackerx that don't let us play :( so @Kevin do something

  17. thank u all for 1900+ views!

  18. Thank u all for 32+ followers

  19. Hey my fans....!


  20. Thank u all 30 followers!

    1. PIZZA


      You Can Always Follow Me Back To Repay Me :haha:

  21. thank u all 1700+ views!


  22. @-=DW=-Mani @commander @.=DW=.wolfy @fnatic


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    2. .=DW=.Wolfy


      I mean me such bol rha hon.

    3. SpOoKy


      wasy meray se acha marks latay ho mein to 80 % lata hun

    4. Heroic


      beta @CoMManDeR ab board hy ;)