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Call of Duty 4

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    AK 47,AK 74u,M40A3
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Battalion 1944

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    M1 Garand, Thompson
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc-TYQBFNDQgqhzTPYyfDWg

    check this out guys 1,000+ views completed ;)

    close to 100 subs :)

    sub if u haven't

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    2. Heroic
    3. -=DW=-Cpt Wish

      -=DW=-Cpt Wish

      Kash me there channel ko 1000000000 martaba sub kr skta 

    4. KashanRaider


      @-=DW=-Cpt Wish kyun nhi 10000000000000000000000 accounts bna aur subscribe kr de xD  

  2. Heroic's random gameplay xD

    nhn aa sakta mapack my virus hy uskay
  3. Heroic's random gameplay xD

    lol aimbot wtf
  4. Intro

    welcome to the froums! enjoy ur stay P.S : we accept bribes
  5. Heroic's random gameplay xD

  6. Heroic's random gameplay xD

    lol i killed u in the video ur a ultra nuub
  7. Heroic's random gameplay xD

    yeah yeah! we'll see
  8. Heroic's random gameplay xD

    i'll edit the dw v dw for u
  9. Heroic's random gameplay xD

    yep it can
  10. Heroic's random gameplay xD

    lol was making this video while using vpn dat's y no lag next video i will try to get nuke
  11. Heroic's random gameplay xD

    idk... i'm a nub i'll check and tell u
  12. Heroic's random gameplay xD

    haha i'm a nub
  13. lit af video

  14. Heroic's random gameplay xD