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  1. I suggest anyone to think of a way to stop people from camping on crossfire from marine side and just randomly shooting onto the opfor side with RPD through that little doorway (when you spawn as opfor, on the right side of the map). I believe that MANY find it very annoying and nearly game-breaking since it literally forces the entire team to go to the other side since noone can do anything about those LMG snipers. It's just a suggestion ofc. I won't get mad if it won't get accepted or anything.
  2. Horonz

    New Zombie Server

    The bounce, dayum
  3. Horonz


    I wanna ask a couple of questions here, since I got completely ignored on the zombie server by a couple of DW members... First question is about the Zombies server. Is there a different gravity than the casual on all other servers? I've noticed that zombies don't jump as high as you do on other DW servers. The second question is about DW as a community. At first I thought it was a great and friendly community, but I've been asking some DW members questions (and for help) in game and I've been getting COMPLETELY ignored... I even said hi when I joined and got ignored for that too.. I've noticed that almost everyone who applies to the DW community puts in their application things like : "I will help other players, ask me for help"... The question is, where is all this friendly stuff you're talking about? So far I've only been helped by one admin here on the page. That's about all I wanted to ask...
  4. Horonz


    Wait, do I have to be a DW member or just a registered user?
  5. Horonz


    Ahhh, didn't notice that, thanks!
  6. Horonz


    So I've just noticed an automatic message in chat that says only the members registered here will get access to those commands. Would appreciate some explanation.
  7. Horonz


    So I've noticed that I have insufficient permissions to use command !fov and !fps as of today, I'm guessing that it's intended with the new stuff that's been added lately, right? My question is, what permissions do you need to be able to use those 2 commands? Will casual players ever be able to use it?
  8. Horonz

    Softcore Crossfire problems

    My "last server played" has changed without me doing anything... is there a possibility that someone is somehow using my GUID and getting me banned? :/
  9. Horonz

    Softcore Crossfire problems

    I did just write an appeal and I'm looking for any help, I'll scan my PC with antivirus right now... And yes, that is my GUID :x
  10. Horonz

    Softcore Crossfire problems

    So now it appears that my PC has been infected and that I've had my name changed without me knowing (to something offensive so it got me tempbanned)... I'm really hoping someone is gonna take a look at that fake duplicate :c
  11. Horonz

    Softcore Crossfire problems

    Oh, now I'm apparently banned on all the DW servers. With a different reason on each one of them. Great... Plus I'm not in the banlist here on the site so it's obviously a fake.. And as a bonus I've been notified by Smokey that there's no ban addressed to my ID currently.
  12. I highly suggest someone looks at the Softcore Crossfire server and the duplicate that exists right now, if you join the duplicate it reconnects you to the original one, but once in a while it kicks you for various reasons such as "Banned for WH". It always says that the admin has banned you and that you should appeal a ban on the dwarea page, but it's super annoying and I'd seriously appreciate it to be dealt with since I play on Softcore Crossfire pretty often. Thank you for further actions.