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  1. DAS

    forum The problems of the past week

    Good job Boss! appreciate ur hardwork!!
  2. DAS

    call of duty 4 Stats K/D/H graph

    good job boss
  3. DAS

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all of you
  4. DAS

    I will be AFK

    yes mate.. ill try
  5. DAS

    I will be AFK

    Thank you @IAV4K
  6. DAS

    I will be AFK

    Hello guys... Now a days im so much busy regarding my job and im unable to play on server these days. So may be for weeks, months ill nt be active on servers. Hope you guys understand. Ill be back...
  7. DAS


    Welcome mate
  8. Everything may change.. bt im still the same 8)