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  1. wolfy tu ne is profile ka kya kia hai ye wala chor dya hai? qk ab tm ne eye wolfy wala bana lya ha na

  2. call of duty 4 Wolfy Demoted.

    Ur right bro.
  3. call of duty 4 Wolfy Demoted.

    Forgive me Dw
  4. call of duty 4 Wolfy Demoted.

    sorry all i wont let u down and learnt alot from dw
  5. Break!

    Me too brata from 22/2/18 to 19/3/18 btw good luck
  6. About me.

    Hi all. I know that it is very very late but anyways my name is Faizan Arshad (call me wolfy)and as u know that I am 13 yrs old.I live in Pakistan.I study in class 8th (going in 9th).I am monitor and the best student in my class.My aim is to be a Pilot. Interests: Aviation Cricket Gaming Studying Thinking of how and y things happen. Becoming an Admin. Hope u guys know me better now.
  7. Type of BR

    Please Close the topic
  8. Type of BR

    And what are other types except hacker and abusers
  9. Type of BR

    Will that be helpful for ATS (Meeting requirement of 10 BRS).
  10. Type of BR

    Hi all. I just wanna ask that can I post BR OF INSULTING/Abusing players.
  11. u have my spooky picturess ...:Ghost::Banana:

  12. Boredom

    how would i watch it when i dont know anything about it
  13. Boredom

    What is it????
  14. plz wake up my boiii

    Wake up