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  1. The riddle game

    easy ^^
  2. First :D

    no i am first :v
  3. NEW

    I played Agar.io but not anymore
  4. New Games

    si seria cool que dw tuviera su clan en mw 2
  5. Free Fire

    is a pbug for android and ios :V
  6. Modern Strike Online

    is a cool game
  7. Skyrim??

    I do not play it but I know it
  8. Fortnite

    nope i no play :v
  9. The riddle game

  10. Who playes >

    I do not but I know someone
  11. 8 Ball Pool

    I know it but I have not played it
  12. ho play tank.io??

    I played it but it did not bore me anymore: v
  13. ho play cod Mw2??

    it's cool I use the intervention but I like it more cod 4: v

    paladins is a very cool game
  15. Shadow Fight 2

    Shadow fight 2 is cool i complete and now i go for shadow fight 3 ;D