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  1. Viewe

    call of duty 4 le Appels

    I do not see that the video has anything bad What do you call wallhack?
  2. Viewe

    call of duty 4 le Appels

    In-Game name when banned: le'Viewe Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): Server: S/D Ban Length/Time Remaining: WH/Perma Why should you be unbanned: I have not used any harmful program for the game as it is pointed out to me, Nor have I used it on my this day playing COD4. This accusation for saying so I see it absurd, I play on many different servers and only in this recently blocked me. For the record, I make this appeal only because its servers are more people and is where I usually play, but I thought not to make it angry.
  3. Viewe

    College soon :P

    Good luck.
  4. Viewe

    ho play tank.io??

    Thats weird.
  5. Viewe

    This Or That

    Google Chrome or Zafari
  6. Viewe

    your best skins ?

    Passez le link de téléchargement.
  7. Viewe

    knife kills stat

    Ce serait une bonne idée.