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  1. 3 nades?

    Where are my 3 grenads? Did you disable this perk in Hardcore server? Should I use different perk or it's just a glitch?
  2. Map Voting System

    Good Idea.
  3. Loud is here

    hey there. Goodluck.
  4. Discord or Teamspeak?

    Teamspeak ... I am kinda familiar with it from runescape if anyone knows it.
  5. NFS. i HATE car games :/ :(
  6. Are you a Web Developer?

    My advice is to learn Open Source Language ... Java or Python and stuff like this. it's the trending languages and All my friends that are doing java or python/ruby on rails are pretty needed in so many companies.
  7. Hey Guys. My Intro

    Hello DWians . I am Ahmed and it's pretty obvious from my nickname XD I am an Electrical Engineer from Egypt. I just wanted to post an Intro because I like your servers and maybe oneday I'll become a member.
  8. College soon :P

    Where are you from? And If you need help with Java just ask me , I still remember some stuff from my college days :D
  9. Its better to know you

    I am from Egypt . Alexandria to be exact ^^
  10. im stupid

    how to bind? do I use /bind k killer ? that's just an example.