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  1. forum The problems of the past week

    Nice effort Kevin ^_^ Big Applause U look like a good open source programmer
  2. my intro

    ee.uu means USA in Spanish? Well, Welcome here King ^_^ Hope you enjoy your time on our servers & forums ^_^
  3. call of duty 4 Help

    I hope I could help. Goodluck
  4. I like the math ... what are your profession?
  5. thank you!!

    You are welcome :V
  6. call of duty 4 Our Servers

    Not All Maps HC I will miss it ...
  7. Airstrike Kills?

    I usually play crossfire , weather HC or SC ... And I guess it can be disabled in Bog and other small maps ...
  8. Why doesn't airstrike kills and predator doesn't count? I mean if I die and I use the airstrike and If I got 5 kills I don't get another airstrike ... I have to kill 5 people with my weapon to get another airstrike ... it's annoying tbh.
  9. jeff

    mmmm post count?
  10. Ranks & Achievements

    Haters gonna hate
  11. Ranks & Achievements

    Let's see What are you missing in the Elite section in Challenges ? I am only missing Flawless ... And I don't Think I will Get it
  12. Sniping Guide

    hide for 5 or 10 seconds after U kill someone that saw you . because he will return and try to find you.
  13. Why was it so GOOD?!

    I love the graphics. and the reality in the shooting and sounds.
  14. COD 4

    Yes ... Duuh
  15. First!!! :D

    it is deleted I guess