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  1. ||JC||VIPER

    To get a help in cod application doesn't open

    Unfortunately the link u gave is not working bro...
  2. Guys..i need a big help My cod game is doesn't open.it says "error; could not find zone" Even i can't open single player mod.it shows this mg. And i try to reinstall the game but aftwr reinstall the game it show again that error. Please some one help me in this problem...
  3. ||JC||VIPER


    Oh...gamer girl. I like her.
  4. ||JC||VIPER


    What is trauma a girl....
  5. ||JC||VIPER


    Thanks dude
  6. I got your advise...but i couldn't find a way to approve these...sorry but thanks for approve my posts.
  7. ||JC||VIPER

    to know about the server for 1.7 vertion of cod4

    Thanks dude..
  8. ||JC||VIPER

    to know the guide

    guys i want to know my guide...i havent my cod4 game...so some admin can help me... nik name in game-||JC||VIPER b3 id-79588 server-crossfire night
  9. hey guys i can't post anything such as a comment.because it says i need my contents approve by a mordaretor. you can see the pictures i add the are hidden untill they are approve by a mordaaretor...so please help me in this situation.... admin..or who ever please help me.....
  10. ||JC||VIPER


    thanks all
  11. ||JC||VIPER


  12. hey guys ..i have a big problem...i can't find any dw servers for cod4 1.7 vertion....so i had to unintalled my game and again intall..for get 1.00vertion...so i lost my ranks...xp.....etc. so if you can give me a tdm server like crossfirenight server it only run in 1.0 vertion...please help me....
  13. ||JC||VIPER


  14. ||JC||VIPER


    Welcome to the forum..bro