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  1. BLueCat


    Hey its okk bro...just chiill v vill always support u
  2. BLueCat


    U must put an Form in dwarea den u will an memeber after some days u will be as admin best of luck bro
  3. Well Luther the topic will be help to all...
  4. BLueCat

    something To Share With Youll

    B3 will treats all and its can give an decision take the server
  5. BLueCat

    call of duty 4 Request For Cod4X For SnD

    Yaa Dats good for new Server
  6. @DoN

    Bro change my name into BLueCat pls

    1. DoN


      Name changed to Bluecat

    2. RaDio


       @DoN my name also wr radio to  RaDio :amrightbro:

  7. BLueCat


    All da best broo and welcomee
  8. BLueCat

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    Nice kevin......Good job
  9. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

     Name:Junaid Khaan Age:22 Location: India Game Information:I started playing cod before 3 years back I am while playing only dw server 3 years  Current Games:Call of duty 4 InGame Nickname: spot&JOHNY Current Servers:-=DW=-Search&Destroy&All Maps Time spent on our servers: Minimum 6 hours per day  Personal Information: I have been COD gamer for 3 years . i am still studying not yet working Additional Info:I am from india.I am a Gamer of COD4
  10. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

    Tqq...Bro For supportng me
  11. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

  12. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

  13. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

  14. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

    Sorry foe dat....tq Papa//g
  15. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

    Tqq.....For ur infoo
  16. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

  17. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

  18. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

    Thanks all and sorry for my mistake
  19. BLueCat

    JOHNY introduction

    Tq.. for supportng me bluetiger