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  1. DokiDoki!

    DW Mascot!

    I have conflicting ideas here. The animu tiddies or not the animu tiddies? Such a hard choice...
  2. DokiDoki!

    DW Mascot!

    Me is an animu artist! (kinda) and i'd like to ask if you'd like me to do a mascot for the site, its merely for the sake of doing it as something for the community tbh, as i don't think any admin would do anything with it, but i digress. What would you like to see in the mascot? What gun should she have ('cause i mainly draw girls ;3) ? Or what design stuff should i draw her with? If you'd like one at all. Wuv u all. Here some examples of what i can draw :D Have a nice day!
  3. DokiDoki!


    I know i've been dead for...well, forever now but i just stumbled with an old af animation i did waaaaay back in the day. Hope you like it @Kevin, you are a scawwy copasionate god. Oh and yeah, i still remember the hello kitty pic, that will forever be in my heart. Oh also like, i'm level 10 and b3 slapped my ass with a warning of the tag, pwease fix this? Love chu all.
  4. DokiDoki!

    DW Servers under attack

    B3 won't recognize me as a member though
  5. DokiDoki!

    Final Poll for the keepers

    I'm in for Sniper only =-w-= +1
  6. DokiDoki!

    Boy or Girl?

    Lad 'ere too
  7. DokiDoki!

    Fake Dw Servers !!

    I'd suggest change our colour, from light blue to red, so people in the community can tell the difference between them... Oh, and -=DW=- Hello Kitty is @Kevin's secret project, you can't decieve me ;D
  8. DokiDoki!

    top stats suggestion

    How about a !topkills, !topskill and !topdeaths That'd be fun
  9. DokiDoki!

    Admiral (Banned)

    Nice job guys! Say no to ban evade
  10. DokiDoki!

    Places from zombies

    Translation provided by Google sempai ;D "Prompt good places where you can hide from zombies, and preferably on the most interesting maps"
  11. DokiDoki!

    This gun

    That'd need a mod Kate, if you want custom guns you should go to the Rifle server ;D
  12. DokiDoki!

    New Zombie Server

    YUS!!!! *fires ak to the air in happyness*
  13. DokiDoki!

    This Or That

    Unicooooornssssss! Cute or sexy?
  14. DokiDoki!

    my intro <3

    @Zero :3 Howdy! Hope you have fun here
  15. DokiDoki!

    For Those who need..

    I could help translation if needed!!! ;D *notice me sempais*