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  1. New Zombie Server

    YUS!!!! *fires ak to the air in happyness*
  2. This Or That

    Unicooooornssssss! Cute or sexy?
  3. my intro <3

    @Zero :3 Howdy! Hope you have fun here
  4. For Those who need..

    I could help translation if needed!!! ;D *notice me sempais*
  5. For Those who need..

    xD Not Mexican but Chilean lord vader
  6. movies

    Airhorn.wav, the movie! I quite enjoyed Deadpool tbh ;D
  7. For Those who need..

    I'm a native spanish speaker mates! Count of me if you need anything Yo sé español! *solo de guitarra acustica*
  8. Join clan

    I got lucky with my crack key as no one seems to use it ;D
  9. Forum App for Android

    <3 Nice job mate!
  10. New comands !regfps & !regfov

    @Kevin Best admin ever!!!!
  11. Some server suggestions :D

    "Those inhuman reactions!" OMG you're so fast! Best admin ever <3
  12. This Or That

    Shmexy time! Memes or jokes?
  13. Hallo peeps! Doki here and i'd like to express some suggestions i have for ya' c: 1.- When the last round of a game ends B3 should inform about the next map so we don't spam the !nm command. 2.- In the sniper only server there should be a way to inform in the killstreak that you can now use other weapons, as some people don't quite get it. Bonus: Kick @Rainyy for wh That's it peeps! Best regards and thanks ;D
  14. IM 13....

    Calm down kiddo, don't take stuff too seriously and also welcome to the forums Be mature and have fun. Best regards.
  15. The best teammate you ever hade

    Mine's @Fauji