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  1. In-Game name when banned: 69|LuThEr Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): 14b0a637 Server: All -=DW=- server Ban Length/Time Remaining: 20/10/2018 & 6:38 PM GMT Why should you be unbanned: I don't know how i got banned.From today Dated : (20/10/2018) morning its my first time when enter in the promod server at 6:38 PM GMT. Please help me,I Love to play Promod server.It shows offensive names and language.But today only now at 6:38 PM GMT i join the game. again CD -Key problem arised ?
  2. In-Game Name: WOLVES Leon Client ID: http://panel.dwarea.com/search.php?query=WOLVES+Leon Server: -=DW=-Promod Date & Time: 14/10/2018 Reason & Proof: why these people trying to shoot behind walls ...I don't like that... bandicam_2018-10-18_19-31-42-622_(2).mp4 bandicam_2018-10-18_19-31-42-622_(3).mp4
  3. Truth Money is yours but resources belongs to the society!!!


  4. Dear all, God beautiful creation is our world.. Is we all human beings are selfish? Please keep safe and save our creatures.we have taken this wonderful things from our forefathers and it's our responsibility to handover to our coming generation..Our one step can give such a privilege and glorious environment to our futures..We all are initiative of changes..Our single steps make new changes for our futures So take an oath today to protect environment and our beautiful creature species...After few years later it makes a huge chain community which is initially initiative by only one person.. Thank you
  5. |HAX|LuThEr

    We all are the initiative of changes!!

    Money is yours but resources belong to the society!!!
  6. |HAX|LuThEr

    To get a help in cod application doesn't open

    Okay bro http://www.mediafire.com/file/g1pzyan5lkn21b9/ I hope upper link works..If not then go through this link. http://petardiola.blogspot.com/2014/10/cod4-codepostgfxmpff.html?m=1 Thank you!!!
  7. |HAX|LuThEr

    To get a help in cod application doesn't open

    My dear @||JC||VIPER Bro, Install and past it on User C drive https://www.mediafire.com/error.php?errno=320&origin=download put it into zone- English I hope after that you can enjoy my bro
  8. Hii all Dear friends, Whenever your pc shows this type of problem issues.Please go through these steps.I think,it may help you. Total Map packs are here please install and extract it here C:\Progran files\Activision\Call of Duty 4-Modern Warfare\zone\english 1. https://www.fileplanet.com/212528/210000/fileinfo/Call-of-Duty-4:-Modern-Warfare---Map-Pack 2. https://www.fileplanet.com/214168/210000/fileinfo/Call-of-Duty-4:-Modern-Warfare----Map-Pack-#2 Short-cut map pack of overgrown: For Overgrown map problem issues : 1. https://www.moddb.com/addons/start/83006 And replace the copies under: If it work..Enjoy the game..Happy gaming!!! Thank you overgrown_story_2.zip
  9. |HAX|LuThEr

    Game crash

    @ALI1 Dear Bro , Overgrown short cut zip file is here https://www.moddb.com/addons/start/83006 I think this works , File size is short Overgrown story mod 2 : overgrown_story_2.zip
  10. Welcome sister,

    Enjoy and lot of fun here in our Dwarea family.Play hard,sniping like rockstar xd Dear @Sanjh.:nerd::ninja1::nerd:

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    2. |HAX|LuThEr


      Dear @【TCM】SANTA MUERTE sister....you have to earn on the basis of your performance and skill :nerd:....My death rate is more ..I am freaky noob in death score rate..:fiù::haha:Sameer bhai ko aane bolo...COD me...I know he is xd jhakas in PUBG..bring sameer bhai here..@sanjh.



      Okay @Ashish Bhaiya I convey your message to sameer:)

    4. Vicky


      welcome hear and have fun @santa muerte 


  11. |HAX|LuThEr

    Game crash

    Kyon charan bhai mai aa rha hu...Abhi ranchi aaya hu..Durga puja me
  12. |HAX|LuThEr

    Game crash

    Dangerous xd... charan Bhai aap online ho kya mujhe aap online nahi dikh rhe..
  13. |HAX|LuThEr

    Game crash

    Welcome my Dear @ALI1Bro..Stay rocking bro in game
  14. |HAX|LuThEr

    Game crash

    Omg sorry @ALI1Bro i don't know how all data has been vanished from that site.http://www.gamershell.com/pc/call_of_duty_4_modern_warfare/ Big size files are here for map packs i have got after survey regarding complete map pack my Dear @ALI1bro 1. https://www.fileplanet.com/212528/210000/fileinfo/Call-of-Duty-4:-Modern-Warfare---Map-Pack 2. https://www.fileplanet.com/214168/210000/fileinfo/Call-of-Duty-4:-Modern-Warfare----Map-Pack-#2 if winter crash map is showing error then this one try my bro http://web2.netmagi.com/cod4/winter_crash.zip I hope this time it works !!!
  15. |HAX|LuThEr

    Happy Birtday buddy!

    Happy birthday my Dear @GOODNIGHT bro.Wish you so many many happy returns of the day
  16. |HAX|LuThEr

    Game crash

    Hi my Dear @ALI1 bro.try from this site.http://www.gamershell.com/search/?q=Call+of+duty+modern+warfare+4 if it works! Enjoy my bro
  17. |HAX|LuThEr

    PRAGMATIC DOD9 caught wall hack

    In game name : PRAGMATIC DOD9 Client id : 0946bf4d191aeda041a99e78047e9ffe Server : Promod live v2 Date & time: 3/10/2018 & 10:02 PM GMT Reason & proof : He was killed my elder brother @Vishesh in strike map with wall hack near market area with sniper away behind from wall.I don't know atya bro was there. He observed or not.. Atya bro was also a victim of Pragmatic DOD9 Sniper 2 times. I inspect PRAGMATIC DOD9 2 games and i found that.
  18. |HAX|LuThEr

    PRAGMATIC DOD9 caught wall hack

    Here is video bandicam_2018-10-03_21-03-07-250_(2).mp4 bandicam_2018-10-03_21-03-07-250_(3).mp4 bandicam_2018-10-03_21-03-07-250.mp4
  19. Please Devote your little fraction of time to watch this..

    Thanks for watching:Smilingblusheed:!!!


  20. |HAX|LuThEr

    We all are the initiative of changes!!

    Please Devote your little fraction of time to watch this.. Thanks for watch this video!!! VID-20180927-WA0003.mp4
  21. Bye bye every one hope you all enjoy my presence here.Now from onwards I hand over my ID and laptop to my elder  brother @vishesh he will handle it..I have Enjoyed a lot here.I am going for preparation for GATE 2019 and for Placement to.Recently now I am in final year so placement toh hona hi chaiye for give big treat to my friends (placement party).. Obviously if I placed in some where in great reputed organization I will try to meet you all...Thank you my Dear Charan @DW|BLuTigerbhai and @KAPILbhai, @BLueCatbhai, @DaRealGhost bro, @eXe @RaDiobhai, @KashanRaiderbhai, @-=DW=-Cpt Wish bhai, and my @OUCH bro , @ALI1bro, @Arafbro For helping me a lot in this server.

    If any kind of help need anyone behalf from my side free to ask on : ashishpurtyiitr@gmail.com

    If I am able than surely I will help you.

    Thank you every one.Hope you all enjoy here a lot.Love you all and this family.



    Wish you all for your bright and glorious future.

    Aage nahi bolunga nahi toh rona aa jayega:((:((

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    2. |HAX|LuThEr


      Thank You @Charan bhai, @KAPIL Bhai, @Katarina, @ALI1 Bro, @KashanRaider bhai, @RaDio bhai, @DaRealGhostBro, i keep trying and i have joined online coaching test series for GATE 2019.I hope i will give my best in  exam which is on month of  february;);).Keep on practising towards to goal.

      I can't resist my self when vishesh bhai called me ashish here is one hacker please have a look here.

      Lastly i have decided i always remain here not going any where still together keep focusing on my career to...:Smilingblusheed:

    3. Vicky


      Good luck bro but i miss you 

    4. |HAX|LuThEr


      Thank you my Dear  @Vicky Bhai:Smilingblusheed:..I miss you to my Bhai

  22. |HAX|LuThEr

    call of duty 4 Promod Killcams with music

    I don't know @I'mMalfribro..Song name which is running behind.. Lf server promod video was that
  23. |HAX|LuThEr


    You are my @I'mMalfri bro
  24. |HAX|LuThEr


    Please pay attention everyone including me to ..If anyone putting here a riddle then please it should be your own creativity means your self creation riddle...Don't copy from any sites or from any book.That the real riddle we all can enjoy Thank you
  25. |HAX|LuThEr


    My dear @IAV4K what you think i dont know but i don't want to argue anything.if it hurts than sorry.But i would like to tell you for your kind information i always go through Shakuntala Devi Puzzles and riddle book.You can just check my question of riddle i have take that from Shakuntala devi book bro.... I have seen the same one question that you have asked ...Google is not every thing books also available we have..I prefer most books as compare to google to study purpose...My dear. if my words Hurt some one than sorry..