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  1. Bye bye every one hope you all enjoy my presence here.Now from onwards I hand over my ID and laptop to my elder  brother @vishesh he will handle it..I have Enjoyed a lot here.I am going for preparation for GATE 2019 and for Placement to.Recently now I am in final year so placement toh hona hi chaiye for give big treat to my friends (placement party).. Obviously if I placed in some where in great reputed organization I will try to meet you all...Thank you my Dear Charan @DW|BLuTigerbhai and @KAPILbhai, @BLueCatbhai, @DaRealGhost bro, @eXe @RaDiobhai, @KashanRaiderbhai, @-=DW=-Cpt Wish bhai, and my @OUCH bro , @ALI1bro, @Arafbro For helping me a lot in this server.

    If any kind of help need anyone behalf from my side free to ask on : ashishpurtyiitr@gmail.com

    If I am able than surely I will help you.

    Thank you every one.Hope you all enjoy here a lot.Love you all and this family.



    Wish you all for your bright and glorious future.

    Aage nahi bolunga nahi toh rona aa jayega:((:((

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    2. KashanRaider


      wish u luck <3

    3. RaDio


      Good luck my bro :Disappoint:

    4. DaRealGhost


      Good luck buddy... will be missing you <3

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